Mortgage Social Media Posts: 10 Pro Tips & Examples

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Mortgage Social Media Posts: 10 Pro Tips & Examples

social media marketing

Mortgage Social Media Posts: 10 Pro Tips & Examples

With so many mortgage lenders vying for borrower attention in this red hot market, dozens of professionals wonder how they can stand out from the ultra-competitive crowd. The answer, of course, is social media marketing. In today’s digital age, social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram are some of the most effective marketing strategies mortgage loan officers can employ to increase client reach and overall conversion rates. Mortgage social media posts play a significant role in sourcing leads that ultimately become clients, from first-time homebuyers to loan refinancing clients. Rather than simply running direct response ads to drive conversions, mortgage social media posts allow loan officers to craft messages that result in meaningful connections and coveted data insights into today’s borrowers.

social media marketing

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Your Mortgage Business?

Social media marketing for loan officers and mortgage brokers offers numerous benefits for those looking to stand out from the competition. Whether you are part of a mortgage firm or a single-person team, mortgage social media posts allow you to hyper-target your content to potential clients or leads. From specific interests like city locations to targeted demographics like age, social media posts offer a way to target the specific audiences your mortgage loan operation caters to. Besides generating more client leads, mortgage social media posts are also an excellent way to build general brand trust. Between simplifying confusing industry topics and demonstrating client success stories, social media posts can be used to connect with leads, demonstrate high-level knowledge, and secure stronger trust in your brand. The more trust a brand can establish with leads, the easier gaining a larger, higher-quality audience becomes.

5 Mortgage Social Media Marketing Best Practices

With the benefits of social media in mind, there are a few best practices mortgage professionals must be aware of to gain trust and authority effectively. Check out these five social media marketing tips before pressing “post” on your latest marketing efforts.

1. Define Your Brand’s Purpose & Social Media Goals

Before uploading any social media posts, you must define your brand’s purpose and goals. Be mindful of how you approach your mortgage brand purpose and begin by listening to your audience on social media. Here you will identify the causes they care about, the social media channels they prefer, and the industry questions they need to be answered. This information helps better align your brand purpose with what matters most to your customers and establish your social media goals more effectively. When declaring your social media goals, incorporate metrics such as the number of monthly post viewers or post engagement to help measure your overall social media performance. These metrics can serve as guidelines to help you reach business goals each month and inform you of which social media tactics are working and which may need some adjustment. To help decide on your brand’s purpose and establish your social media account’s goals, take the time to assess the marketing tools you’ll use to create and distribute your social media content. Borrowers are interested in learning what makes your brand unique. They are likely to trust mortgage professionals who use original content, so strive to create your own photos, videos, infographics, blog posts, and other types of content to engage potential clients.

2. Research Topics Relevant to Your Audience

Every audience has recurring questions and conversations, and potential clients in the mortgage industry are no exception. Being the mortgage industry knowledge broker you are, you must be sure to research or provide a wide array of relevant topics to your target audience. Topics can range from mortgage-specific processes for first-time homebuyers to broader topics, including home design inspiration and local real estate news. When using your social media platform to create mortgage social media posts, remember you must create content for the entire customer lifecycle. Create posts that provide advice on each step of the mortgage process while also using your social accounts to remain available and help your clients. Also, consider incorporating outside articles and resources with your audience that provide value during and after the mortgage process to support a long-lasting client relationship.

3. Leverage Social Media to Attract New Leads

Social media is the perfect place to attract individuals who are a good fit for your business and can potentially become new customers. One way to attract these leads is to join real estate related Facebook groups, such as those dedicated to first-time buyers. Here you can organically offer advice and build trust among members, who can then seek your service once ready for a mortgage. If you’re looking for quicker and more expansive outreach, you may also want to consider the use of paid social media advertisements. Like a general mortgage social media post, paid social media advertisements can be informative and represent your brand’s purpose; however, these ads can target a Facebook or Instagram user who has not yet connected with your services. Of course, don’t rely just on loan officer memes in Facebook groups or mortgage broker funny quotes in your paid ads to do the heavy lifting. Catchy mortgage ads go beyond humor to also educate and inform readers. Always include a link to your professional website and provide contact information in your paid advertisements to turn leads into new borrowers.

Social Media Engagement

4. Engage Your Followers

While some routine mortgage Instagram posts are great for gaining awareness around your mortgage services, failing to conduct user engagement can leave your social media presence lacking. Combining a consistent posting schedule and personally engaging with online users demonstrates a strong dedication to the industry and encourages new client relationships. For example, Facebook and Instagram offer a live feature where you can host webinars and offer viewers the chance to ask questions regarding the mortgage loan process and your services. Consider running giveaways or referral programs that push users to stay connected with your page and promote new followers, and potential client leads to boost viewer engagement.

5. Post Consistently

A robust and valuable social media presence does not happen overnight. You must remain on a consistent posting schedule for the above marketing ideas for loan officers to help gain a steady stream of followers and service inquiries. To encourage a regular cadence, develop a monthly content calendar with the image, video, story, or caption you’ll use each day. Adhering to this schedule demonstrates hard work to existing leads and increases the chances of connecting with new clients.

5 Top Examples of Mortgage Social Media Posts

Using the above tips for social media marketing for loan officers, you might feel prepared to get your content calendar rolling. If you need a bit more inspiration to get started, there are numerous mortgage advertising examples you can use, including but not limited to:

  1. Holiday posts such as New Year’s celebrations can tie into purchasing a new home with the help of your mortgage loan services.
  2. Company update posts can highlight recent significant achievements and news you or your mortgage firm would like to share.
  3. Client testimonial posts can spotlight recent client loan closings and their positive opinion regarding your mortgage loan services.
  4. Educational posts that cover common mortgage industry topics can assist clients in navigating the mortgage loan process.
  5. Industry trend posts like housing market statistics and significant mortgage interest rate changes can spark engagement on your social media.

With such a selection of social media post ideas, it’s essential to pick and choose the posts that best match your brand identity and general personality. Inserting some funny mortgage quotes or mortgage industry humor here or there is a great way to add character to your page while staying connected with industry friends. However, don’t veer so far into the humor that you distract from the true purpose of social media marketing for loan officers — capturing leads.

What to Avoid in Your Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy

When using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, you can avoid a few things. The various industry regulations are the most important things to consider when conducting social media marketing. All industry professionals must understand regulations on unsolicited business text messages or information privacy, like RESPA and CAN-SPAM. Furthermore, while the use of funny mortgage sayings and topics can add personality to your page, you never want to take it too far. Remember to remain professional with all mortgage social media posts and ensure you do not post or reshare tone-deaf, political, or highly controversial messages to avoid negative opinions of you and your mortgage operation.

Successfully Market Your Business with Jungo

Digital marketing is a must for mortgage businesses. Whether you’re taking a stab at social media or email marketing, Jungo has you covered. We offer various marketing solutions, ranging from post-close marketing to referral marketing tools, to help take your mortgage loan business to the next level. Request a demo today to learn more about how Jungo can set your business apart.