How To Strengthen Your Mortgage Pipeline Management


How To Strengthen Your Mortgage Pipeline Management

Mortgage Pipeline Management

Within this past year, mortgage pipeline management has become more crucial than ever for loan officers. Often, mortgage booms seem to come out of nowhere. So, loan officers and origination teams have to adapt to the overflowing pipelines, and prepare for an eventual downturn. That is why strong mortgage loan pipeline management is the key to success! 

Prioritize mortgage loan pipeline management and watch your business thrive. Keep reading to learn more! 

Mortgage lending is a fluid industry and requires flexibility and perseverance—particularly when there are shifts in the pipeline. Embrace the evolving industry and the opportunities available with provision for the future.

Mortgage Pipeline Management

Change of Pace

A little over a year ago, the mortgage industry saw a large drop in interest rates. This convinced millions of homeowners to refinance. So, a wave of activity made it difficult for loan officers to focus on long-term mortgage loan pipeline management. 

With the dramatic drop of rates, quickly converting leads became more accessible to many originators. Loan officers had to learn how to manage the volume of loans hitting their pipeline. Also, lead and loan management became a hot topic. This further proved the importance of mortgage pipeline management.

Automate Your Processes 

Action mortgage automations are any workflow that results in an action item for the user. For example, a new lead comes in and a task creates to reach out to them right away. Then, the action for the loan originator is to place a call. 

According to HubSpot, 61% of businesses leveraging automation reported exceeding revenue targets in 2020.

If you think about what action automation does for originators, this stat makes sense. As soon as you get off a call, you can move on to the next opportunity.  

Converting Leads: Best Practices

A key factor to converting inbound leads is the time you take to respond to their contact request. So, learn how to make this process quicker so you are not wasting time. Efficiency is important for mortgage pipeline management. 

Picture your client submitting their lead form. In a perfect world, you contact that borrower while they are still on the website thinking about their mortgage needs. So, why not make this a goal? 

If you can’t contact a borrower right away, think about the next best time to call them. This depends on behavioral data.

Behavioral data is more accessible today than ever before. For example, if a client reaches out regarding a loan around 12:00 PM, then lunchtime may be the best time to contact them in the future.

Behavioral data is an incredibly powerful tool in prioritizing and assigning leads. It creates a successful consumer experience.

Convert Your Loans Successfully

If a loan is sitting in your pipeline for a long time, this risks it not getting fully funded. Also, you cannot prioritize every single loan in your pipeline. So, lenders need to decide which loans to prioritize. 

Just because you contact a potential borrower and it seems promising, that does not mean that closing the loan will be a guarantee. Oftentimes, borrowers shop around for better deals.  

So, if a customer locks in a rate but continues shopping around due to rates dropping, then that loan may not be a priority in your pipeline. This is because there is a high chance that the consumer leaves for another lender. 

But, if a loan file is almost finished, then this becomes the highest priority. The best chance of keeping business is getting clients to close as soon as possible! 

Organize Mortgage Pipeline Management

According to Ellie Mae, the average mortgage closing process has increased over the last year. The average mortgage closing process adds up to ten days longer than it was a year ago. This is due to the spike in demand for new purchase loans, and added refinancing activity. 

The extra time mainly goes to processing the documents required from borrowers and other collaborators. But, efforts to streamline mortgage processing through technology have provided some relief. 

So, consider using Jungo’s mortgage automations to manage loans and tasks. Jungo allows you to automate many steps in the loan process that would otherwise be very time-consuming. Below is a list of some of the incredible mortgage automations found in the Jungo tool kit, their purpose, and how to apply them. Keep your mortgage pipeline management organized! 


If you haven’t started utilizing Reffinity’s automations, you are missing out. Reffinity reports automate to send weekly reports to your most important realtor partners. This consistent update is a plus for your partners, and guarantees they are always in the know. 

Reffinity reports automate to send weekly, biweekly, or monthly, for up to 5 years. They include a list of all your referrals from this partner in your pipeline. Also, your last interaction you had with their clients and their status in your pipeline displays.

Loan Process Checklist

With automated loan process updates, as soon as a loan moves to a new stage, updates are sent to your borrower and any relevant partners. Then these automate. So, being able to view loans and contacts during each stage of the loan processes allows you to set priority lists.

Then, you can focus on high-income opportunities like connecting with new clients and partners. Also, your borrowers love the quick and consistent updates on the status of their mortgage. 

Bottom Line

Mortgage lending is a fluid industry and requires flexibility and perseverance, particularly when there are shifts in the pipeline. So, embrace the evolving industry and the opportunities available by strengthening your mortgage pipeline management. 

Gaining a clear understanding of consumers and their behaviors is what drives mortgage pipeline management. It also improves client satisfaction, making it worth investing time and effort.

After all, converting leads and managing a loan pipeline is an ongoing strategy. Mortgage pipeline management constantly needs to be enhance based on newly available technology and data.