Mortgage Document Management: Here’s Why You Should Care


Mortgage Document Management: Here’s Why You Should Care

Mortgage document management is one of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of a loan officer’s job. Think about it: borrowers need to submit documents detailing their income, credit report, renter history, employment history, and much more. Now multiply all those documents by however many loans you process in a year. No, thank you!


And it’s not just the sheer number of documents. The most time consuming part of mortgage document management is following up with the borrower. Whether you remind customers of what documents are still needed through phone calls, emails, or even text messages, it still takes up your valuable time.

First, you’ll need to determine what documents are still needed for that particular customer. Then, you’ll need to draft and send a message to them (or pick up the phone and call them!). After that, you still need to remember to follow up with them in a few days, just to do it all over again!

Receiving Documents in Many Forms

Depending on how you have your clients submit documents, you may be receiving paperwork via email, fax, or even in-person. It’s difficult to organize your files when papers are coming at you from all sides!

Talk about a zero sum game. Plus, your customers probably don’t love this system of documentation gathering either. After all, no one likes being hounded to submit documents. And, having to find, scan, and email paperwork is not ideal.

So, how do you save yourself time, make your borrowers happier, and increase your business’ security? Online mortgage document management portals are the perfect solution.

Here’s why: 

  • Automates the Repetitive 
  • One Login from Application to Close
  • Increases Clarity for Your Borrowers
  • Improves Data Security
  • Provides Consistent Updates 
  • Saves You Time

Jungo features a tool called DocsBar, a mortgage document management system built right into your CRM. Your normal Jungo account includes Docsbar, a loan officer facing portal. DocsBar allows you to track the progress of a borrower’s application.

Your Jungo account will show requested documents, and you can check them off as you receive them. You can also send needs lists via email, which are automatically updated to reflect the documents you still need.  DocsBar will help you stay organized and close loans faster.

Always Up to Date

Plus, you don’t have to worry about working on outdated information. Since Jungo automatically syncs with your LOS, you can be sure that all the loan information is always kept up to date. You can also assign tasks to other members of your team. Your assistant or team member can follow up with a borrower on their documents, and log that interaction. And all of that can be done without leaving Jungo! No more miscommunications or letting borrowers fall through the cracks. Jungo will allow you to master your follow-ups and communication.

Mortgage Document Management Integration: Jungo + Floify

If you want an even more automated solution, Jungo’s integration with Floify is a game changer. Connecting Floify to your Jungo account takes DocsBar to the next level. Since DocsBar acts as the loan officer facing site, and Floify is a customer facing portal, your mortgage document management will be 100% efficient and automated.

What is Floify?

Floify is a 1003 digital loan application, mortgage document management, and loan process automation software. With a mobile app and easy-to-use interface for borrowers as well as loan officers, Floify takes the stress out of getting a mortgage for both the loan officer and the borrower.

Automates the Repetitive

When a borrower starts a loan application with you, all you’ll need to do is click a button in Jungo to start a loan flow. Since Jungo + Floify are fully integrated, Jungo will push this information to Floify, and Floify will automatically sync back to Jungo as the borrower’s documents progress.

From Jungo, you can also automate sending needs lists to your borrowers. This means that every time a borrower submits a document, Floify tracks it. Then, you can decide how often you’d like your customer to receive an up-to-date needs lists email from you, and Floify will automatically make that happen.

Makes The Client Experience Better

Borrowers will love the ease that Floify brings to the loan process. With the easy-to-use customer facing portal, customers can scan and upload documents directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

This means that no matter where they are, or what time it is, your borrowers can send in their documents. This will make their loan experience more pleasant, and help you close loans faster, because you won’t be waiting around for their paperwork.

Increases Clarity for Your Borrowers

Chances are, you’ve had a client ask you before, “So which of these documents do you really need from me?” Traditionally, loan officers will send their borrowers a pre-written list of “needed” documents. However, mortgages are not one size fits all. Applying for a loan is already confusing enough, and trying to understand which documents are required just adds to the murkiness.

Document management portals clear this up, right from the start. When you start a loan flow from Jungo, you can send a custom needs list, choosing just the documents you need from each client.

Your customers will appreciate the clarity right from the start of the loan process, and you’ll save time listing out exactly what you need from each person.

Improves Data Security

Data security is perhaps the most important reason to adopt a document management portal. With a platform like Floify, your borrower’s documents will always be secure. Unfortunately, it’s been made abundantly clear that email is not a secure way to communicate sensitive information. And needless to say, a borrower’s documents are sensitive! Whether it’s income information, credit reports, or other highly personal files, your clients will appreciate knowing that their data is safe and secure every step of the way. 

Provides Consistent Updates

Another great benefit of utilizing Jungo + Floify is the consistent updates for you! Every time a customer submits a document, you will receive an email notifying you. This is a great way to track a loan’s status, without having to always remember to manually check.

Saves You Time

Best of all, by using a document management system such as Floify, you’ll save a lot of time. By automating repetitive tasks in your day, you can focus on the high-value tasks. Whether you use this extra time to meet with referral partners, nurture new leads, or focus on your business’ marketing, your loan volume will benefit! By letting technology take care of the frustrating and inefficient parts of your day, you can start providing the human touch that your borrowers need during the loan process.

Bottom Line

Because of the number of software systems available to loan officers, it can be difficult to decide which are worth investing in. Considering how a platform will save you valuable time and make your client experience better is a sure way to win with technology. Using a CRM integrated with a client facing document portal checks both boxes, and much more!

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