How to Elevate Your Mortgage Client Relationships


How to Elevate Your Mortgage Client Relationships

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You know that loan officer and mortgage client relationships are important. But, there are many unique ways to elevate your client relationships even further.

If you are looking for tips to better connect with your customers, or better market your product, keep reading!

What does it mean to be a trusted advisor to your mortgage clients?

Until you have trust in your mortgage client relationships, you are just a provider of services. So, you need to build that trust. The first thing that loan officers can do is trust their own abilities. This will allow you to successfully deliver a great experience for your client from the start.

An important characteristic of a trusted advisor is going above and beyond to add value. A trusted advisor understands what the client needs and prioritizes that. Then, the borrower will see that you place their interests before your own. Also, your mortgage client relationships need to be based on mutual trust. After all, purchasing a home may be the biggest financial decision a consumer makes in their lifetime. Understanding this will place you above other competitors. 

Gaining trust from your mortgage clients is critical, but it will take time. Focus on developing strong listening skills, and become your client’s go-to when they have questions or concerns. 

Why is it important? How will it actually help you sell more mortgages?

Clients need to see the value in talking with you. When you are selling mortgages, your goal is clear. But, if you do not regularly communicate with your mortgage clients, you will be seen as someone who is simply trying to sell rather than engage with them throughout the process.  

A trusted advisor adds value to the client’s life. You can do so by connecting and aligning your offerings with their goal: buying a mortgage. Have a trustworthy approach to your business. Don’t look at a mortgage client as a paycheck. 

You’ll gain more business than ever when you love what you do. Satisfied mortgage clients will be repeat customers and refer their family and friends to you. Take a long-term perspective with your borrowers. They’ll appreciate the extra care! 

How can you become a trusted advisor? 

While it may seem simple, becoming a trusted advisor takes time and practice. Successful loan officers rely on experience and ethical behavior. Also, transparency is an important characteristic to implement into daily work and life. 

Here are some ways to connect directly and strengthen your mortgage client relationships:

Walk mortgage clients step-by-step through the loan process

As the first point of contact for any new buyer, your client will look to you for industry expertise. That includes guidance for how to choose the right loan type. Take the time to sit down with your mortgage client, face-to-face if possible, and walk them through the loan process. Allow them time to ask questions as they fully grasp each step. Helping your clients know what to expect up-front will save you time and energy in the future. 

Help mortgage clients understand their finance options

Although loan officers are not financial advisors, helping clients understand the difference between their mortgage options should be one of your priorities. Sometimes, this can mean talking a borrower out of a certain type or size of mortgage if it is not the right choice for them. You have the expertise to advise your mortgage clients on what financing decision best matches their long-term goals. 

Communicate frequently with loan process updates

The quickest way to ensure that a mortgage client’s home loan file moves along smoothly is by keeping them informed throughout the process. A consistent loan officer maintains regular communication with the borrower. This can be done via emails, texts or calls. 

Staying connected with clients throughout the loan process will reassure your borrowers that their loan is in good hands. And remember, take care of your existing mortgage clients first, and make them your priority.

Send mortgage clients helpful educational content

Your clients look to you for how they can get the best deal on their mortgage, and Jungo has many resources for you to grow your mortgage client relationships. Add The Closing Email of the Week to your Jungo account and send it as a mass email to clients. Also, you can send your clients informational blog posts, on subjects like renting vs. buying, credit scores, and pre-approval.

Placing your leads, current borrowers, and closed clients on drip email marketing campaigns will automate much of your communication with them. So, this will free you up for more check-in calls and in-person meetings.  

All of these resources will help you build even stronger and more profitable relationships with your borrowers!

Bottom Line

Loan officers should strive to become the voice of reason for their clients. So, to build trust with your mortgage clients, place yourself in their shoes. What would you want your loan officer to do for you? When dealing with finances and big life decisions, transparency and trust go hand in hand. Become a trusted advisor to elevate your mortgage client relationships today!