Keep it Digital: Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Keep it Digital: Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas

mortgage broker marketing ideas

Take your mortgage broker marketing ideas to the next level by enhancing your digital marketing strategies. Overall, digital marketing allows you to scale your business and automate your processes so you can save time, reach more people, and close more deals. 

More and more loan officers rely on digital marketing, especially in an industry dominated by no-touch closing. 

We are on the precipice of industry-wide adoption of eClosing as lenders are recognizing they increase efficiencies, improve ROI, and engage borrowers in a new way digitally,” Rebecca Frisbie, Director, Encompass Document Platform, ICE Mortgage Technology said.

Rebecca Frisbie

Director, Encompass Document Platform at ICE Mortgage Technology

So, discover mortgage broker marketing ideas powered by the right digital marketing tools. 

mortgage broker marketing ideas

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

For loan officers, often there is little time to focus on marketing. Especially during market surges, when you may have many deals in your pipeline. Automated marketing systems can save you time and help you close more deals. When the economy changes, digital marketing for mortgage brokers continues to run in the background. So, this allows you to focus on your borrowers and their loans. 

Digital marketing for mortgage brokers is important because you need to focus on bringing in purchase business and developing relationships with realtors. So, it helps keep clients informed and engaged, ultimately generating more referrals for you. 

Create a Strong Online Presence

How do most people who need your services find you? They browse on the internet. If they can’t find you because you don’t have an online presence, you risk losing those leads. So, make sure that your mortgage business has a strong online presence. Do not let leads slip through the cracks! After all, digital marketing is key to your overall business growth. 

Digital marketing is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence. With mortgage broker marketing ideas, and a strong presence online, you have a firm foundation. There are several tools that help you accomplish this.

Updated Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies. It increases brand awareness, personalizes your brand, builds credibility and keeps your business at the top of your client’s minds. So, they come back to you when they need your services. After all, it has a return on investment that can be much higher than other marketing channels.

So, to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, you have to build a strong campaign that ensures your subscribers get the right information at the right time. Know your audience, and help to answer the questions that they already have. 

In order to make effective use of this digital-marketing strategy, you need an email marketing platform to build a campaign. This way, it will engage and convert today’s connected consumer.

Email Campaigns With Jungo

If you want to design your very own marketing campaign, fresh mass emails through Jungo are a helpful tool. Perhaps you want to send a segment of your database a series of emails detailing how a refinance could save them money. Or, a campaign to leads covering how to earn a mortgage if they are struggling with their credit. 

Mortgage emails are one of the best ways to reach your entire database, with very little effort. It is necessary to build an amazing customer database, and to earn your borrower’s trust and business. So, even when mortgage rates are not too low, you have to stay in contact with your database. 

Focus on meaningful ways to reach more of your database in less time. For this, mass email marketing is key, and Jungo can assist you with this and other mortgage broker marketing ideas. 

mortgage broker marketing ideas

Social Media Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas

Since marketing is about putting your message out to your audience, leveraging social media is a no brainer. Social media allows mortgage originators to share their message with their current audience. Plus, new clients while keeping track of trending conversations that are taking place in the industry. 

It’s also a powerful communication channel that allows you to be quick and responsive so you can gain borrower loyalty. The right social media marketing strategy helps you gain a clear understanding of borrower needs. Also, the things that influence potential clients. So, learn the trending topics and conversations taking place within the mortgage industry. 

Whether you decide to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or some other social channel, put your time into making it the best it can be for your business. Any of these tools are invaluable in helping you to maximize your social marketing strategy.

Blog Content 

You need a website to build a business online. But, just having a static website does not give you the competitive edge you need to truly grow your business. Business websites need an effective marketing strategy to bring customers in. 

So, consider creating and maintaining a blog. This increases your online visibility and connects with your audience. A blog keeps readers engaged and showcases your expertise as a leader in the industry. 

Also, blogs can become a profitable asset. When you provide high-quality, engaging content, readers continue to come back, which gives you more lead conversion opportunities. 

Video Marketing

Other digital mortgage marketing ideas include leveraging high quality and engaging visual assets. These help you attract and retain your audience. Connecting with clients through video is a prominent way to enhance your mortgage business. So, consider taking things a step further and post videos on YouTube

Also, any graphic or video you create can be used across multiple of your marketing platforms, including your emails, social media platforms, and blog. 

Plus, you could send BombBomb video emails directly from Jungo. BombBomb allows you to get face-to-face with more people, in less time. These video messages convert more leads, generate referrals, and build trust. Record a video in your Jungo account and send it out with just one click. 

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) softwares are a critical tool for originators. These help automate key marketing and follow-up tasks. A CRM keeps your prospects, clients and referral partners organized in a convenient, centralized location.

Jungo’s mortgage-specific CRM offers full automation of your client and lead communication and pipeline management. 

A CRM gives loan officers more flexibility in the work environment. This technology orchestrates records of interactions with all of your contacts. Plus, it comes with functions such as marketing tools and integrations, which help you capture and nurture your leads. 

Bottom Line

Your overall success in the industry is determined by the types of mortgage broker marketing ideas you use to attract and nurture your leads. These ideas help you create interesting, valuable content. 

Also, distribute these digital marketing assets to your audience. So, you can acquire new leads, grow your database, nurture your existing leads, and close more loans.

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