Mortgage Automation Should Be Your #1 Priority


Mortgage Automation Should Be Your #1 Priority

Jungo CRM Mortgage Automation

Automation. What does that word bring to your mind? Maybe it’s robots, computers, or even job loss. Whatever your first reaction is to that word, mortgage automation isn’t something to avoid: it should be embraced.

Jungo CRM Mortgage Automation

There’s an opportunity for today’s loan officers to make mortgage automation work for them instead of being terrified of technology. There are countless ways that you could use technology and automation in your processes, and today we’ll discuss just a few of them.

Streamline Your Lead Intake

52% of first-time home buyers start their home search online. And since many home buyers (first time and otherwise) are also professionals, they are probably searching during hours when you’re not in the office. Why does this matter to you? Well, following up with web leads within 5 minutes makes you 9 times more likely to successfully engage.

Imagine that a potential customer submits a form on your website indicating that they’re interested in financing information. However, it’s 10 pm on a weekend, and clearly, no one from your office will be able to follow-up with this lead for hours, if not days.

In this situation, you just completely lost your edge! When a lead submits their information to your website or Zillow, it’s important that you follow up as quickly as possible.

Jungo Leads App

With the Jungo Leads App, you can count on efficient and prompt lead follow-up. New leads drop directly into your CRM, and then can be automatically distributed to members of your team to ensure a rapid response. This level of “on-demand” customer service will impress your leads, and gain you their business. 

You can also further automate your response when you receive a new lead. With Jungo, you can create a customized workflow so that when a new lead drops into your CRM, a series of tasks are automatically triggered. A new task could be created to reach out to the lead, an email could be sent introducing yourself to them, and a new contact can be immediately created with the lead’s contact info. 

Faster Follow-Up, Higher Rates of Conversion

With thoughtful automation during the lead process, your rates of conversion will skyrocket! Since faster follow-up leads to higher rates of conversion, you’ll just have won back your edge on the competition. Plus, you’ll have better conversion rates without even lifting a finger. 

Increased Refinance and Return Customers

Mortgage automation won’t just boost the number of your new leads! You’ll also gain more refinance and return customers too.

Rate Alerts

When a customer wants to refinance their home, what is your process for marketing to them? Imagine that a past customer tells you that they’d love to refinance their home, but they want to wait until interest rates drop back down below 4%. Unless you have an incredibly detailed memory, when the rate drops below 4%, possibly months after you discussed the ReFi, you probably won’t remember to get in contact with your past client or lead.

Not only is this a lost ReFi opportunity, it means that your customer may end up going to a different loan officer for their mortgage needs! 

Jungo’s Rate Alerts

Rate alerts are a great way to generate more loan volume through mortgage automation. Set a preferred rate for your clients, and you’ll get an email as soon as that rate is available! It really is that simple.

Jungo CRM Mortgages to On-Demand Customers Rate Alerts

This is an easy and effective way for you to stay up to date on the current market and how that affects your clients. Plus, since the process is automated, you can set it and forget it!

Listing Alerts  

In many cases, contacting someone in your database at just the right time can make the difference between them becoming a mortgage customer, or a lost opportunity. But how are you supposed to just know when someone might need a new mortgage?

Jungo’s Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts alerts a client when contacts in their database list their homes for sale. The alert nudges the loan officer to reach out to their database contact at the perfect time: right before that database contact might need a new mortgage. The contact in the database may have lost the LOs contact info, hasn’t had time to think about a new mortgage, or even considered taking their business elsewhere, so listing alerts prompts Jungo users to follow-up on a potential opportunity.

For example, if a LOs past client, Debbie, lists her home for sale, the LO will immediately receive an email and have a new follow-up task set for them in Jungo. The email includes the property address and the customer’s name and contact information.

From there, the LO can call Debbie, and see how things are going for her. 

Make Your Loan Process More Efficient

Once you have a new borrower (or return customer), there are many ways that mortgage automation can make your loan process more efficient. Doing so will save you time, help you close loans faster, and ultimately earn more new and repeat customers.

Make Your Document Management Amazing

Sound like a misnomer? With Jungo’s Docsbar, as well as the Jungo + Floify integration, it doesn’t have to be.

If you want to read our full article on this subject, click here.

Mortgage document management can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of a loan officer’s day. But with incredible mortgage automation, you’ll be able to send document needs lists, and follow up with borrowers. And that’s all without having to click send on a single email.


Jungo features a tool called DocsBar, a mortgage document management system built right into your CRM. Your normal Jungo account features DocsBar right out of the box, and is a loan officer facing portal. DocsBar allows you to track the progress of a borrower’s application.

Your Jungo account will show which documents you’ve requested, and you can check off the boxes as you receive them. You can also send needs lists via email, which are automatically updated to match the documents you still need at that moment.  DocsBar will help you stay organized and close loans faster.

Jungo + Floify

If you want an even more automated solution, Jungo’s integration with Floify is a game changer. Connecting Floify to your Jungo account takes DocsBar to the next level. DocsBar acts as the loan officer facing site, and Floify is a customer facing portal. So, your mortgage document management will be 100% efficient and automated.

Offer Loan Process Updates

One of the most important ways that loan officers communicate with their clients is through loan process updates. However, you can automate even these critical messages.

These messages are incredibly useful for updating all interested parties on changes to their loan. They can be fully customized, and sent to borrower, co-borrowers, and transaction partners on the loan. Loan process updates can be sent as either emails, text messages, or both.

Imagine your borrower was just cleared to close. Your LOS and Jungo automatically sync, and an automated workflow starts. Among other things, a text and/or email is sent to the borrower and anyone else you’d like. You can customize the messaging if you’d like, and relax knowing that everyone has been notified of the great news without you even having to pick up the phone.

Place Your Marketing on Autopilot

Marketing as a loan officer is one of the most important focuses you can have to take your business to the next level. But how do you create an amazing marketing plan, when you’re short on time and resources? Jungo comes built out of the box with hundreds of completely customizable email templates. Therefore, you can market to potential, current, and past customers, as well as professional partners.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

These are time dependent marketing automations that will slowly drip marketing to clients on a regular schedule. They are perfect for keeping your clients focused on the end result of closing their loan or refinancing with you. These can also change campaigns automatically based on your client’s stage with you: lead, in process, or closed.

These are not exclusive to clients. There are also campaigns for realtors and CPAs to promote client referrals and good partnerships. It’s important to keep constant streams of marketing going. That way you are keeping your business in the forefront of your clients and partners minds.

Holiday Mass Emails

Put your customer service over the top with automated Holiday Mass Emails. Simply schedule the email to send to the list of contacts you choose, and then forget about it. The day of that holiday, everyone will receive a personalized holiday email from you!

There are tons of holiday emails available inside of Jungo, right out of the box. These include, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more. Each holiday even has 2-3 designs to choose from.

Put You Ahead of the Curve

There’s no doubt that the mortgage industry is a competitive one, and that trend isn’t slowing down. By taking advantage of time-saving mortgage automations, you won’t just enjoy more hours in your day. You’ll also be giving yourself an unfair competitive advantage.

After all, imagine how much more time you’d have if you didn’t have to worry about all the tasks above! This would free up your day to focus on the high priority tasks that actually earn you more business. Your loan volume will increase due to more client and partner meetings. As well as other valuable interactions that a computer just can’t do for you.

Bottom Line

There’s no reason to be afraid of automation. In fact, embracing mortgage automation should be your #1 priority. Doing so will give you more time, minimize mistakes, and make your workflows much more efficient. No more leads falling through the cracks. No more missed opportunities with past customers. And no more inefficient and frustrating tasks clogging up your to-do list.