Mass Email Marketing: Without It, You’re Wasting Time


Mass Email Marketing: Without It, You’re Wasting Time

Mass Email Marketing

We get it. You’re crazy busy right now, and marketing is the last thing on your mind. Who needs to market when you have customers knocking down your door to get these low mortgage rates? 

Mass Email Marketing

Well, in order to build an amazing customer database, and to earn your borrower’s trust and business, even when mortgage rates are not this low, you have to stay in contact with your database. 

That doesn’t mean adding time consuming email sends to your already overflowing task list though. Instead, focus on meaningful ways to reach more of your database in less time. For this, mass email marketing is king. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:

  1. What is mass email marketing?
  2. Types of mass email marketing you can send
  3. The building blocks of a great mass email
  4. How to send mass emails to your database

What is mass email marketing?

Mass email marketing is creating a single message, and sending it to a large group of contacts. This is possible through email software, which allows your mass messages to appear as if you sent each email to a single recipient.

Why You Need Mass Mortgage Emails

Sending individual, hand typed emails to your contacts might be effective for one or two quick messages. But when it comes to mass updating an entire group, this would be an inefficient use of your time! 

Mass emails are the answer, especially if you’re short on time (and really, who isn’t?). 

Types of Mass Email Marketing You Can Send

Pretty much any email can be sent to your database, but here are a few common options: 

Holiday Emails

Sending out holiday emails to your database is a great way to connect with your contacts, and wish them well! Make your holiday message short and sweet, and be sure to focus on the most important thing: the client and their family, not trying to sell them a mortgage. 

By doing so, you’ll stay top of mind for them, and build trust that you have their best interest in mind. 

Industry News 

Anytime something really big happens in the mortgage industry (we’re looking at you mortgage rates), your leads and borrowers probably have a lot of questions. Send them mass mortgage emails with industry updates written in terminology that they will actually understand. They’ll appreciate the down-to-earth update, and personal touch. 

Marketing Campaign Emails 

Of course, if you want to design your very own marketing campaign, mass emails are a helpful tool. Perhaps you want to send a segment of your database a series of emails detailing how a refinance could save them money. Or, a campaign to your leads covering how to earn a mortgage if they are struggling with their credit. 

Over 400 pre-built email templates, ready to send right from your CRM.

Event Invitations 

Community events are a great way to connect with your customers, and earn new business. But how do you spread the word about your great event? Mass mortgage emails are the answer. Craft your invite, include a way to RSVP, and send it out. It’ll be the easiest party you’ve ever planned. 

Community News Emails 

Another great way to build relationships with your community is to send out community newsletter emails. Include local news, events, and even profiles of well-known locals. You’ll build up a loyal following through mass emailing your database with this ultra-specific information. 

The Building Blocks of a Great Mass Email

There are a few things that every great marketing email includes. Use these building blocks to keep your emails sharp and effective. 

Know Your Point 

Before you type one word, know your point. Whatever you’d like to say, know it in advance, so that you don’t end up rambling. 

Keep It Brief 

In the same way, keep your emails brief. Your database doesn’t want a novel! Tell them exactly what they need to know, and then leave it at that.   

Include Your Branding 

An email without your branding is frankly, a waste of your time. When sending out mass mortgage emails, always include your contact information and company branding. Doing so will keep your messaging consistent, and help your clients know exactly how to get a hold of you. 

Send It to the Right People 

Even though we call them “mass” emails, it doesn’t mean that you need to send every message to every single contact you have. Instead, craft your email to speak to a certain group of contacts (think: leads, borrowers, past customers, or partners). Segment your database, and send the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Example: don’t send refi opportunities to clients you just did a loan for a week ago.

How to Run a Report in Jungo 

If you want to learn how to run a report, right from your Jungo account, it’s as easy as adding filters. Watch this quick video below to see how!

How to Send Mass Emails to Your Database

Now that you know all about mass mortgage emails, it’s time to get sending. There are a variety of platforms that you could utilize to mass email your database. 

Gmail or Outlook 

You can send emails right from your mailbox, which has the benefit of being free and easily accessible. However, due to limitations on how many emails you can send from Gmail or Outlook, your audience will be limited. Additionally, if you choose to send mass mortgage emails right from your email server, you’ll be limited with the type of formatting you can take advantage of. Even worse, you won’t be able to track your email opens or ROI. 

Third Party Softwares 

There are many third party softwares that you could use to send out mass emails. Many of them offer free, but limited plans if you want to try them out before committing. Mailchimp, GetResponse, and ConvertKit are all popular options for small businesses. 

Although these programs offer more robust abilities than your standard email server, because they are separated from your contact database, you will have to import and export contacts manually which takes time and can get messy. 

A Database Integrated Marketing Platform 

Utilizing a CRM database that has marketing built in (like Jungo) will save you time–you won’t have to login to multiple platforms, and all of your contacts will be right there and ready for you to email immediately. Additionally, because all of your data is one place, you can generate reports and find out which of your mass mortgage emails are giving you the best ROI. 

Bottom Line

Mass mortgage emails are one of the best ways to reach your entire database, in very little effort. If you’re just getting started, take advantage of the free version of an email marketing software. But, if you truly want to see an exponential return on your marketing strategy, implement an all-in-one, data-powered CRM and marketing system

Mass Mortgage Emails