Start Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned


Start Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned

leaving voicemail messages that get returned

These days, most phone functions are for tweeting and texting, but what about leaving voicemail messages that get returned?  Many people say they no longer check voicemail, or don’t listen to messages in full. They either tap “return call,” send a text, or find other channels to see what the person wanted. 

Despite claims that voicemail is obsolete, it’s still in use for the mortgage industry. The messages we create and leave can affect the impression we make on clients, prospective clients, partners, and more. So, build and enhance your loan officer reputation by leaving voicemail messages that get returned! 

leaving voicemail messages that get returned

Voicemails from Loan Officers

Voicemail is a simple and standard phone function. But, it has a major impact on the mortgage industry. Plus, the perception that others have of you is heavily influenced by the messages you leave. So, make sure the voicemails you leave are not stopping you from closing more loans! 

First, Clear Your Voicemail Box

Many loan officers hand out their cell phone number. This is a way of selling themselves to potential clients and beginning a professional relationship. 

So, is there an opportunity for your clients, referral partners, and prospects to reach you via voicemail? Or is your voicemail box always full?

Sometimes when someone isn’t able to contact us, that could keep them from doing business with us. Clients get frustrated when they are unable to reach their lender. 

So, make sure you are able to answer the phone and follow up with your leads and clients efficiently. Plus, make sure your outgoing voicemail message is warm and welcoming. That way, the caller will leave a voicemail and you can return it as soon as you can. 

Decide What to Say Before you Call

Depending on your connection to the person you are trying to reach, it is necessary to decide ahead of time what to say. So, avoid being the person that calls someone but then has no idea what they want to say. Especially if it goes to voicemail. Also, do not read off of a script. A simple outline can help you remember what to say, and it should flow naturally. 

Keep in mind, your goal is to get the lead to call you back and continue to the next step of the process. It may be discouraging, but, most likely, the lead will not commit to a mortgage with you from one voicemail message. So, make it your priority to educate them about you as a loan officer and what you would offer them. 

Talk Yourself Up

The key to leaving voicemail messages that get returned is keeping in mind who you are calling in the first place. Whether you are making sales calls, speaking with current borrowers, or trying to gain mortgage clients, you must adapt to your audience. 

No matter what, speak positively about yourself and the services you provide. The first mortgage call is just as important as ever. To remain relevant, mortgage originators must provide value. So, that first voicemail is your golden opportunity to do so! 

What does your voicemail say about you and your mortgage company? Make sure to leave a voicemail stating who you are, what your company does, and a positive attribute of your personal work ethic.

Offer Service

Before you pick up the phone, consider why the person you are calling should listen to you. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine their pain points.

For example, if the lead is a first time home buyer, you can offer them advice on the general mortgage process in your voicemail. Plus, suggest they call you back to learn more. Make sure they know that you would be happy to answer any questions they may have.

Or, if they need to refinance, tell them that you know about current rates. And, you can provide them with guidance on if the timing is right. Staying honest and genuine will give you credibility and encourage them to return your call. After all, you are trying to become their trusted advisor, and the voicemail is the first attempt at this. 

Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned

Before any selling can begin, it is your job to engage and connect with the person on the other end of the line. So, push to build that relationship first. After all, the point of a voicemail message is to create a call to action and have it returned.

So, consider changing your voicemails. Leave behind the typical “give me a call back when you can,” and instead expand on your services and purpose. 

For example: “Hi this is Anna Smith. I am a local loan officer who wants to help you accomplish your financial goals, like living in your dream home. I would love to talk to you about your goals, and see how I can help you throughout the process. Give me a call today at XXX-XXX-XXXX.” 

Bottom Line

Leaving many voicemails throughout the work day can be draining at times. But, ensure that you speak positively about your service while giving details about how you can help them. Then, this leaves leave a great reason to give you a call back and receive your business.

So, make your goal to find common ground, and share how knowledgeable and experienced you are, no matter who you are calling. You shouldn’t brag about your success, but there is a time and place for others to know your success. That is the key to leaving voicemail messages that get returned!

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