Keeping Track of Your Customer Service Through Automated Surveys


Keeping Track of Your Customer Service Through Automated Surveys

Learn How Customer Service Compares to The Competition Using Surveys and Jungo.

With rates being so low, the mortgage industry has started to turn from the refinance market and look again toward purchase loans. This change has eliminated the need to data mine our past clients, but has increased the need to capture new leads and where are we looking for these new leads?

The Millennial’s. Since times have changed, that rowdy group of kids has now grown into our hem buying pool. So how do you tailor your business strategy to gain new millennial referrals?

As a millennial, myself I know that we have been raised with the answer at our fingertips. If we want to know who the best of the best is we can Google, Yelp, or Facebook it and we will know. But even that isn’t enough anymore. Facebook recently came out with a refer a friend feature that allows users to ask for and receive recommendations to people’s favorite places. So, what does this mean for you?

This means the emphasis on amazing customer service has never been higher. So how do you know how to improve your customer service and gaining more client referrals? By asking the people who matter, your clients.

Automated surveys are a crucial part of gaining the information you need and there is a variety of ways to send them out and host them with the Jungo platform.

 Host Surveys:

  • Salesforce App Exchange Survey apps

There are a variety of survey specific apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that you can download and build onto your account. They will host the survey either on their site or through Salesforce®  and can be automated or sent by hand depending on the app that you choose to use. These should be able to assist you in organizing data right inside of Jungo and give you reports and analytics based on the responses you receive.

  • Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a survey site that allows you to build a survey of up to 10 questions and host it live for a set amount of time. It will then give you a link to the survey that can be included in any automated or one-off template inside of Jungo.

When to Send:

  • Post-Closing

Some people choose to wait until the loan process has ended with their clients before ever asking them to take a survey. This method is good but biased, as this person’s loan went through and they are most likely to be in a good mood and they did choose to complete the loan process with you, so whatever customer service tactics you used worked. The clients you should be trying to mine for information are the next clients.

  • Every Email and Interaction

Using the Survey Monkey method, you can include a link to your customer service survey on every email template sent out to clients letting them review your service at each stage of the process. This does two things: First, it guarantee’s accurate results as you are more likely to be getting information from both happy and unhappy clients. Secondly, you can catch an unhappy client before they decide to take their business elsewhere and try to rectify the situation.

In conclusion, the new purchase market makes knowing how your customer service compares to the competition which is critical in capturing new leads. Automated surveys are the answer. They gain real data in real time and assist you in staying ahead of the competition.

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