Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade Announcement: Ring in the New Year

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade Announcement: Ring in the New Year

upgrade announcement

The Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade announcement is here! Keep reading to learn about all of the can’t-miss new tools and updates.  

So, if you are a current or prospective Jungo client, keep reading to learn about what this update includes. Also, you can also follow Jungo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for all the most up-to-date info and other exciting offers.

upgrade announcement

What is a CRM? 

If you’re looking for a more complete client communication platform, you should consider a Customer Relationships Management (CRM) platform. Jungo’s mortgage-specific CRM offers full automation of your client and lead communication and loan pipeline management. 

A CRM gives loan officers more flexibility in the work environment. Also, it helps ensure that your customers are getting the best service available at all times.

Why do you need a CRM?

All employees have access to updates and important information within a CRM. So, that way, they have everything to provide clients with the information they need.

You can also manage schedules, perform data analysis, generate reports, and organize important files in one secure location. So, avoid letting a follow-up task slip through the cracks. Also, with a CRM, you can create tasks for yourself or team members to stay organized. 

Jungo’s Mortgage App

Jungo is a CRM for loan officers. With Jungo’s Mobile App, you can view meetings, events, and get loan updates on-the-go. Jungo enables you to join conference calls with a tap and take meeting notes while in motion. 

Also, you can access and update your CRM data any time with Jungo’s mobile capability. So, manage your mortgage pipeline anytime, anywhere! Get started with a mobile CRM by downloading the Salesforce app, and accessing Jungo on-the-go. 

The Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade Announcement

Updated Reffinity Interface

If you haven’t started utilizing Reffinity’s automations, you are missing out. Reffinity reports can automate to send reports to your most important realtor partners. This consistent Winter ’21 Upgrade announcement will be a huge plus for partners, and guarantees they are always in the know. 

Reffinity reports can automate to send weekly for up to five years. They will include a list of all your referrals from this partner in your pipeline, as well as your last interactions you had with their clients. 

With this upgrade, you can run pipeline and closed loan reports for referral partners, as well as buying and listing agents. Additionally, you can now customize the pipeline update emails for your referral partners.

OB Rates Widget

The OB Rates Widget in Jungo updates daily based on current market rates The widget is interactive, and allows you quick and easy access to all the rate data you need. 

So, you can hover on items to get more details and take a look at rate trends. You can also view rate trends over time. This makes it quick and easy for you to toggle through whatever information you might need!

Email campaigns

If you want to design your very own marketing campaign, fresh mass emails are a helpful tool. Perhaps you want to send a segment of your database a series of emails detailing how a refinance could save them money. Or, a campaign to your leads covering how to earn a mortgage if they are struggling with their credit. 

Mortgage emails are one of the best ways to reach your entire database, with very little effort. In order to build an amazing customer database, and to earn your borrower’s trust and business, even when mortgage rates are not this low, you have to stay in contact with your database. 

That doesn’t mean adding time consuming email sends to your already overflowing task list, though. Instead, focus on meaningful ways to reach more of your database in less time. For this, mass email marketing is key. 

Marketing Automation Wizard

Jungo provides you with many automations that keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Want to gain more referrals, close more leads, and grow your business with mortgage automations? Use them in your daily routine with just a click.

Marketing Automations

Marketing mortgage automations are workflows that result in marketing being sent out. For example, when a new lead comes in, they could be placed on a “Prospective Home Buyer” email campaign. 

Without marketing mortgage automations, you will spend your whole day just sending out marketing materials. Automating your marketing saves you time for more important tasks. 

How could you use marketing automations in Jungo? 

Loan Milestone Updates

These are useful for updating all interested parties on the status of their loan. They can be customized to send to the borrower, co-borrower, and transaction partners on the loan. Options for delivery include emails, text messages, or both. 

Drip Marketing Campaigns

These are time-dependent marketing mortgage automations that slowly drip marketing to your leads or clients on a regular basis. They are perfect for keeping your clients focused on the goal of closing their loan or refinancing with you. They also change automatically based on your client’s stage with you: lead, in process, or closed. 

Drip marketing is not exclusive to clients! There are also campaigns for realtors and CPAs to promote client referrals and good partnerships. It is important to have constant marketing going so that you are keeping your business in the forefront of your clients and partners minds. 

Holiday Mass Emails

Stay in touch with your database on the most important days of the year with automated Holiday Mass Emails. Simply schedule the email to send, and then move on to other tasks. On the day of the holiday, everyone receives a personalized holiday email from you!

There are many pre-created holiday emails available in Jungo. Each holiday has up to 3 designs to choose from!

Overall, marketing workflows are extremely important for helping your business as clients and partners consider moving forward with you. 

Bottom Line

Allow the Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade announcement to help you run your business more efficiently! These new tools, and updated features, will help you close more loans in less time. You have the benefit of complete CRM data, analytics, and customer-facing material at your fingertips. 

With Jungo and the Winter ‘21 Upgrade announcement, you can ditch time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and focus on the high-value interactions that set you apart. Easy access to important data related to contacts and leads ensures that you do not waste time and close loans faster.

If you aren’t leveraging CRM technology in your business, it’s time for you to take the plunge! Stay more connected with your team and customers with the Jungo Winter ‘21 Upgrade. Make informed business decisions through data updates and analytics. Also, enjoy collaboration and improved efficiency. Adopt a mobile CRM strategy in your business and use this upgrade announcement today!

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