Jungo + Mortgage Coach

Help Your Borrowers Make Informed Decisions

What is Mortgage Coach?

Mortgage Coach is a mortgage planning and presentation solution that uses visual and data driven elements to show borrowers their mortgage pricing options. With one click, Loan Officers can generate a borrower’s mortgage presentation with real time information and present it to the client virtually or in person.

Jungo + Mortgage Coach
Single Login

When Jungo + Mortgage Coach are integrated, Jungo users have the ability to create batch or individual Mortgage Coach presentations, as well as rent vs. own cost comparisons and total cost analysis, all directly from within Jungo.

Double the Power

The Jungo + Mortgage Coach also makes both platforms more powerful. The combination of Jungo’s CRM abilities and Mortgage Coach’s pricing presentations allows you to send beautifully detailed mortgage pricing options to borrowers, straight from their contact listing in Jungo.

Customer Satisfaction

Jungo + Mortgage Coach will allow for greater client retention through consistent communication and your ability to provide helpful information to your borrowers. Your borrowers will love the prompt and accurate information the integration provides.

Stay Consistent

With Jungo’s automated workflow system, you can be sure that a borrower will receive follow-up calls or messages. You don’t have to worry about remembering to send a borrower their pricing presentation, since Jungo can automatically set a task for you to do so!

Make the switch to a one login work day