Introducing Jungo + Mortech Integration

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Introducing Jungo + Mortech Integration

Jungo Mortech Integration

Jungo is excited to announce the Jungo + Mortech integration! Now, loan originators can get instant, accurate mortgage rate quotes straight from their Jungo account.

Jungo has a full integration with Mortech, a software company that has been helping mortgage professionals all over the world with their day-to-day workflow. 

Jungo Mortech Integration

With the Jungo + Mortech integration, mortgage professionals can now generate instant, accurate loan pricing without needing to manually search for their borrowers. So, this integration allows you to work faster in order to better serve your clients. 

What Is Mortgage CRM Software?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a platform designed to identify sales opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, and store customer and prospect contact information.

If you’re a loan officer looking for more flexibility in your work so you can focus on high-value tasks that help you close, consider a mortgage-optimized CRM. A mortgage-optimized CRM is tailored for the mortgage industry to help loan originators save time, work more efficiently, and close more loans.

What Is a Product & Pricing Engine?

A Product & Pricing Engine (PPE) is a tool used by mortgage professionals to calculate mortgage pricing options. So, a PPE allows you to quickly generate several different loan pricing scenarios with various rate options.

A PPE platform will give you and your borrowers all the information you need to make an informed decision. Therefore, mortgage professionals will quickly have the full picture about loan pricing options to better inform their borrowers on exactly how much money they can be saving with a refinance or what interest rate they can get for a home purchase.  

CRM Integrations 

As a loan officer, it’s important to utilize CRM integrations. The rise of technology has shaped the face of the mortgage industry, allowing loan officers to work more efficiently. 

In other words, there are a lot of great software’s out there to make your workload more manageable. As a mortgage originator, you likely have a loan origination system (LOS) to facilitate your mortgage transactions, a product and pricing engine to streamline your mortgage quotes, and other tools to make your job easier.

However, it can be very time-consuming toggling back and forth between software applications. So, it’s important to utilize integrations to turn your CRM into a one-stop shop. That way, you can work more efficiently and be more productive throughout your day. 

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Why Do You Need Mortech Integrated With Your CRM?

The Jungo + Mortech integration allows you to save time and generate accurate quotes for your borrowers, right from your contact records. Therefore, you don’t have to toggle back and forth between software applications. So, this will significantly decrease the risk of error, allowing you to provide better customer service.

Jungo’s Integration With Mortech Allows You To:

  • Get instant, accurate loan pricing 
  • Customize margins and adjustments in every loan scenario 
  • Gain automated mortgage loan and PMI pricing eligibility

With this seamless product and pricing engine integration, mortgage originators can now streamline their pricing options straight from their CRM. This integration also automatically generates emails with the click of a button. That way, you can easily send customized quotes to your borrowers and significantly increase your speed of service. 

Bottom Line

A fully integrated CRM is an effective way to invest in your business. The Jungo + Mortech integration allows you to provide more accurate quotes, save time, and deliver better customer service to your borrowers. Therefore, you’ll have more time and energy to tackle your high-priority tasks.