How to Start Capturing New Leads in the Mortgage Market


How to Start Capturing New Leads in the Mortgage Market

Lead Capture

With the mortgage market destined to see an upswing in purchase loans next year, it is crucial to start capturing new leads, but it is hard to know where to start. A single interaction with a lead results in 5 to 7 action items that must be completed, get their info into your database, send them an introduction email, start them on drip marketing, have an assistant reach out with loan information and rate comparisons. There is so much to do.  That’s why Jungo has created lead capture, a feature that makes the leads do the work for you without even realizing it.

With Jungo, leads can fill out your 1003 application online or an application with one of your trusted vendors (Zillow, Lending Tree, Trulia, Lead Mailbox) and submit their information, sending it directly to Jungo where it creates their contact page in your database for you. From there those next to-do items are handled seamlessly:

Introduction Email

This is an excellent place to get your face and business ideals in front of potential clients. Show them how attentive to their needs you will be by making this email automated to go out right when their information is sent in. Customize it to represent your service and business model, and follow it up with a phone call.

Task to Call and Follow-up

People appreciate phone calls, genuine interactions with real people. Show this lead that you provide personalized service by automating a task to follow-up.

Prospective Home Buyer Campaign

Get your marketing started early with a campaign built specifically with tips for prospective home buyers or prospective refinances.  This campaign will slowly drip marketing to them, keeping your service in the forefront of their mind.

Jungo’s lead capture is seamless and efficient so that you can focus on your clients in loan process, and post-closing. Keep your mind on the end goal and rest assured knowing that your business plan has been automated and simplified.

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