Post-Close Marketing

Jungo + Homebot

Earn clients for life and keep your borrowers informed of their options.

Homebot is a home finance education portal that facilitates meaningful engagement between loan officers, real estate agents, and their clients. The award-winning portal delivers personalized, actionable intelligence to every client and prospect throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle. The Jungo + Homebot integration makes post-close marketing a breeze.

Post-Close Marketing

Your Clients Will Be Hooked

Deliver Actionable Insights to Borrowers
Homebot delivers personalized insights to set your borrowers up for success. By pushing your data from Jungo into Homebot, your clients will automatically get actionable insights to build wealth with their home.
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Your Buyers Will Love it Too
You can easily keep your buyers engaged as well! By providing valuable information to your renters, investors, and new leads with up-to-date market data and wealth-building insights, you ensure they’re aware of every opportunity they have.
Be Their Trusted Advisor

The Jungo + Homebot integration ensures you are the trusted advisor your clients can count on to make informed decisions about their home. You’ll be their go-to expert when they’re ready to build wealth through homeownership.

Keep Clients For Life With the Jungo + Homebot Integration