Expand Your Mortgage Broker Network Despite Pandemic Setbacks

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Top Producer Tips

Expand Your Mortgage Broker Network Despite Pandemic Setbacks

Each mortgage broker network shifted in different ways during the past year. Within 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic altered many facets of life, including many networking opportunities. 

So, with the world reopening in certain states, how can you expand your mortgage broker network? It is still possible to do so despite pandemic-related regulations!

Your mortgage broker network is anyone who you work with throughout your work day. Each lead, borrower, partner, community leader, and more, impact your business. So, connecting consistently is key. And, despite pandemic setbacks, it is possible to thrive in these relationships, even if they look a little different.

Pandemic Adaptations For Your Mortgage Broker Network

Due to social-distancing regulations, many real estate professionals created entirely new frameworks for their mortgage broker network. Also, most in the industry enjoyed low interest rates due to the business boom. 

Because of these foundational shifts in the mortgage industry, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. But, don’t feel discouraged if you are not sure how to build meaningful relationships in this new landscape. 

Luckily, there are meaningful ways for mortgage originators to connect with their network during and after the pandemic. So, even as business returns to normal, some of these newfound methods should continue. 

You Are Not Alone

In order to keep up with the industry, a strong mortgage broker network is necessary. Everyone from agents, brokers, loan officers, investors, and appraisers want to keep their edge. So, constantly look to foster new relationships in order to keep business flowing. You are not alone in this new landscape!

Although networking is more challenging now, it is not impossible. Relationship building during and after a pandemic is possible. So, certain setbacks have led to growth in other areas. For example, imagine all of the time you used to spend commuting to work. What can you do with that extra time now if you are still primarily remote? Now you can communicate more than ever with friends, family members, and colleagues. 

Connect Over The Pandemic

Today, we have more in common with complete strangers than ever before due to the shared global experience of COVID-19. If you utilize these experiences as common ground with colleagues or clients, you can finally ditch the dreaded small talk and actually form deeper relationships. 

So, the next time you hear a dog barking on the other side of a Zoom call or other pandemic related experiences, engage, and use it as an opportunity to cultivate an authentic relationship. After all, that conversation may just turn into your next business deal.

Virtual Communication

As seen with digital lending, virtual communications do not make interactions any less valuable. Plus, virtual communication channels are not disappearing anytime soon. In order to stay in touch, it is necessary to use digital platforms effectively. So, consider tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Slack, since these define the “new normal” that have evolved immensely during the pandemic. 

Although many have experienced Zoom fatigue, it is necessary to keep using this platform. Virtual conversations can still be meaningful, productive, and enjoyable. So, continue to meet virtually and grow your client connections! After all, given the restrictions and isolation of the past year, any type of meeting goes a long way to strengthening the mortgage broker network. 

Engage Thoughtfully

As you go throughout your day, be sure to thoughtfully nurture your business relationships. This includes existing connections. Plus, this may be a great time to reconnect with someone you have lost touch with. Ask them what they have been up to in their lives and find out if there’s anything you can do to help them reach their goals. So, even if the conversation is short, this can expand your mortgage broker network. 

Use Positive News

Within the turbulence of the past year, it can sometimes feel like most positive news was put on the backburner. So, be sure to engage with the celebrations and positive moments in your life and the lives of those around you! Wish your network happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy holidays, and more. Positive news stories and posts make clients more inclined to engage. 

You may decide that this is  not the best time to pitch your services or land deals immediately. But, let the conversation and positivity flow. So, share what you have been working on professionally along with uplifting news. 

Reach Others

The average person is said to own three homes in their lifetime. Since homebuying is infrequent, buyers need to stay informed on the everchanging mortgage and housing industries. So, regularly share your knowledge with your network. Social media, podcasts, live chats, and more are great resources. These can help you inform and educate your friends, family, and followers successfully.  

Eventually, you’ll begin to notice acquaintances and even strangers asking you questions! This is a great sign, and indicates your newly earned role as a trusted advisor. So, even if a connection is not a client today, they may be in the future. 

Utilize Social Media

This tip may seem like a no-brainer in our digital-driven era: you must utilize social media. So, make it work for you! Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or something else,  pick at least one platform to focus on. Follow other mortgage and real estate professionals. 

Then, engage with their content by liking, commenting, and sharing. Soon enough, they then do the same for you. 

Strike up conversations with other professionals through direct messages. Connect and figure out how you can collaborate with others. Also, educate your borrowers and prospective-borrowers through your content.

If you’re not sure how to get started with social media, or looking for easy to implement tips and tricks to boost your online presence,  check out Jungo’s free eBook resource, “The Art of Social Media for Loan Officers.” 

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Bottom Line

Throughout the pandemic, many companies have changed their business models. After all, COVID-19 has forced everyone to work smarter and innovate outdated business practices. So, as we enter a post-pandemic world, we are again being challenged to creatively approach building a mortgage broker network. 

Overall, your network appreciates transparency, so continue to provide your community with honesty and incredible service. They will see your relentless commitment to giving your clients the very best, and your hard work will be rewarded.