Support and Encourage Team Members Through Anything


Support and Encourage Team Members Through Anything

encourage team members

With many mortgage businesses still working remote due to COVID-19, it is important to support and encourage team members even when they are not together. Your team is your biggest asset and resource. Without this collaboration, your business can not run smoothly. Make sure your employees feel inspired daily!

Keep reading for ways to encourage your team members, in person or remotely.

encourage team members

Set clear goals

What is your vision? Be sure that your employees are aware of what your ultimate goals for the business are. Additionally, help them understand what their individual priorities are, and how the team could work together to reach those goals. 

Get specific with these goals on a daily, monthly, and yearly level. This could look like determining how many leads you want converted by the end of the week. Or, how much social media traffic you hope to gain for your mortgage business by the end of the year. 

With your vision in mind, you can encourage team members to work together and achieve better results. Measurable goals allow you to track progress. Team members are able to see their success in a tangible way. This leads to more productivity, and helps employees feel motivated.

Encourage teamwork

Working together cohesively is important in the mortgage business. Even though loan officers have their own clients, they are not alone in the mortgage process. Promoting teamwork boosts productivity because it makes employees feel more engaged with their tasks. When working remote, this collaboration helps keep team members from feeling isolated.

You can promote teamwork by hosting team-building exercises for your team members to bond and get to know one another. After all, if you hold the same goals as your employees, so much can be accomplished and more leads will be closed!

Create a healthy office environment

The workplace has a significant impact on productivity. Make a space that is enjoyable to work in. You want your employees to appreciate spending their time there. Consider noise, privacy, natural light, areas to relax, and ambience.

Even if employees are remote, and their office is currently at home, they need just as much support from you to create a healthy work environment. Consider sending out surveys for remote employees to discover what they are struggling with. Prioritize this encouragement regardless of where they are located. 

Communicate with your employees 

Check in regularly with your team. Give them the opportunity to come and talk to you, even if it is virtually over video or phone call. Make sure to be open and approachable in your attitude to communication. That way, your employees will feel connected and motivated to further achieve the business goals. 

Don’t punish failure

The key from making mistakes is to learn valuable lessons so they are not made again. When team members make honest mistakes, don’t punish them. Instead, encourage them to try again! So-called “failures” can actually be a great jumping off point for success.

Give positive feedback

Reward your team for hard work! Positive praise should not be overlooked in the work environment. Encourage team members by telling them you are grateful for them, and be specific. Elaborate on their performance and how it helped benefit your mortgage business. 

Consider giving monetary rewards, more responsibility, and other perks. This motivates your employees to succeed with future work for the company. 

Bottom Line

Mortgage businesses run on team work to get important work done. Encourage your team members by combining energy, knowledge, and skills. Then, you and your team can accomplish anything you set your minds to! 

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