How to Write An Email That Converts


How to Write An Email That Converts

Jungo CRM Marketing Email Open Rates
Jungo CRM Marketing Email Open Rates

One of the most frustrating parts of any day is feeling like your hard work went to waste. Just imagine: you thoughtfully write the perfect marketing email to send to your mortgage leads. After you send the email, however, your email engagement rate is completely disappointing!

Not only is this a frustrating waste of your time, it also means that your communications aren’t effectively reaching your audience.

If you are not having success with email marketing, don’t despair. Email marketing  is still a very cost effective way to engage leads. It also helps you stay in contact with current and past borrowers, which can lead to possible refinances or new mortgages.

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But, What About Your Low Email Engagement Rates?

As we mentioned above, ineffective emails are a real problem. After all, there’s so much noise in the world—every day, the average office worker receives 121 emails. And, in the financial services industry, only about 18.23% of emails are opened, meaning that a large portion of your database never even sees your messages to them.

So, what’s the solution? Sometimes, you need to think outside the box to find the route to success. Email click through rates increase by 300% if a video is included. But how do you implement video marketing into your email strategy if you don’t have professional videography experience?

BombBomb Video Emails

With Jungo’s integration with BombBomb, you can integrate personalized video messages, directly into your emails. Not only will this skyrocket your marketing email engagement, your customers will love the face-to-face connection they provide.

Video in emails build trust, convert more leads, and generate referrals.

Additionally, with the Jungo + BombBomb integration, you can see exactly how many of your email rates are being opened, and if your customers are watching your video messages. This insight can help you plan your customer communication in the future.

Jungo CRM Skyrocket Your Marketing Email Open Rates

BombBomb Video Email Ideas

If you’re looking to add BombBomb emails to your marketing toolbox, there are many different messages you could record and send.

Video Emails for Leads

For example, if you want to market to your lead database, you could send them a video of you introducing yourself. An introduction video like this will boost your chances of a lead converting into a borrower. This is because, as humans, we love face-to-face interactions. And even though a video isn’t exactly face-to-face, it may be the best option for you to market to leads.

Video Emails for Borrowers

In addition to marketing to leads, you can also use BombBomb for communicating with your current customers. Imagine a borrower’s excitement when they receive a video email from you, congratulating them that their loan has closed! Talk about personalized customer service.

Video Emails for Past Clients

When it comes time to market to clients whose loans have already closed, video emails can continue to improve your marketing email open rates. For example, you could record a series of video emails covering helpful topics for homeowners. You could discuss subjects such as: improving home equity, refinancing tips, and home security. Not only will your past clients appreciate the face-to-face advice, they are much more likely to return to you for future loans since they’ve been seeing your face on a regular basis.

Video Emails for Professional Partners

BombBomb videos aren’t just for communicating with your customers! If you’re looking for a creative way to stay in touch with professional partners, video emails can be a great option. You could send introductory emails, which help show your value in the field. Additionally, you could send short, industry related update videos, covering relevant topics for your professional partners to enjoy.

Jungo CRM Improve Marketing Email Open Rates

Video Email Best Practices

Like any marketing strategy, there are best practices for creating amazing video email content.

Keep It Short

Videos up to 2 minutes long get the best engagement, so don’t feel like you need to record for a long time. Just remember that your audience is busy, so you want to offer information of value, while keeping them interested.

Stay Professional

Video emails allow your database to get a peek into your life, and this authenticity is highly valuable to strengthening their trust in you. However, make sure that your videos are still polished. After all, they do directly represent you and your brand. Therefore, give some thought to what you wear when you record your videos, as well as the backdrop you choose to record in front of. It may be a good idea to sit at your desk in your office, or a similarly simple background.

Add Some Variety

Just like you want your video messages to be varied in subject and theme, make sure that your overall marketing strategy is also diverse. No one likes receiving only one type of marketing email, so mix in some text and/or image only emails into your video messages. This will also improve your email engagement rates. 

Drip Marketing Campaigns

In addition to using tools like BombBomb, utilizing templated email campaigns can also be extremely effective. Drip marketing email campaigns are one of the best and easiest ways to reach potential, current, and past customers. If you don’t have time to create your own campaigns, utilize a mortgage marketing service like Jungo. We’ve already built out many email drip campaigns, and you can just choose which one works best for your lead or client.

Some email drip campaigns to consider implementing are: Prospective Home Buyer Tips, Dos and Don’ts of Loan Applications, Keeping In Touch, and Credit Repair Tips.

Bottom Line

The Jungo + BombBomb integration is a powerful tool to add some variety to your communication strategies. Additionally, your marketing email engagement rates will improve drastically once you add simple videos to your messages! Getting your messaging read is one of the most challenging portions of marketing, and it’s a critical step toward earning new and repeat business. 

Jungo CRM Marketing Email Open Rates