Digital Mortgage Tools: Superpower Efficiency with Jungo + Blend

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Digital Mortgage Tools: Superpower Efficiency with Jungo + Blend

Digital Mortgage

Today’s mortgage originators have more digital mortgage tools available to them than ever. Some of the most valuable are mortgage apps. Also, sales tools can work together seamlessly with your CRM. These are a great way to leverage the data and resources that you have access to. 

So, simplify the mortgage application process even more with Jungo + Blend. Blend, the digital mortgage tool, allows you to streamline the mortgage application for your customers with an intuitive online portal. 

Overall, Jungo and Blend combine to save you time and help you sell more mortgages, with less effort. 

Keep reading to learn more about this new Blend integration and digital mortgage tool. 

Digital Mortgage

Here’s what we will cover today:

  1. What is Blend? 
  2. What does Blend do? 
  3. Why do you need Blend? 
  4. What is a software integration? 
  5. Why do integrations matter to you? 
  6. What is the Jungo + Blend integration? 
  7. Why do you need the Jungo + Blend integration?

What is Blend?

Blend stands for “better lending.” So, blend applications make the process of getting a loan simpler, faster, and safer. 

Blend’s mission is to bring simplicity and transparency to consumer banking. Also, they form partnerships with banks and lenders. This ensures that consumers have access to a stress-free lending experience.

What does Blend do?

Blend’s digital mortgage platform streamlines the home lending process from application to close. So, with the goal of powering one-tap access to the world’s financial resources, Blend is available to help right at your fingertips. 

Why do you need Blend?

Blend allows you to acquire more customers, increase productivity, and deepen customer relationships. So, using Blend will equip you to better aid your borrowers and get them into their dream homes.  

Allow Blend to work behind the scenes. Also, extend your marketing reach. With Blend, you can offer easy and coherent experiences that personalize for your customers.  

Your clients will be guided through every step of the mortgage application process. All from a sleek and mobile friendly portal. 

What is a software integration? 

There are many types of integrations, and they all do different things. Basically, an integration is the connection between two programs that allows them to communicate and “talk” with one another. 

So, take full advantage of the softwares that you pay for. Understand how different platforms work together. Software integrations help you get more done, every day.

Why do integrations and digital mortgage tools matter to you?

The important thing to keep in mind is that the complicated world of integrations exists to help you. So, if your software platforms work together, you will have more time to close more loans. 

The goal of any integration is to make your life easier. Also, they make you more efficient and remove the human error in double data entry. Plus, it is necessary that digital mortgage tools are integrated. Then, you can rest assured that all of your data is always up-to-date and accurate. 

What is the Jungo + Blend integration? 

Adding Blend to your Jungo account is a win-win. Also, you are able to launch a new Blend application right from a contact page in Jungo. 

Also, you can view all of your client and loan data from one single login. You can scale your business growth with a fully integrated CRM like Jungo. 

Why do you need the Jungo + Blend integration? 

Adding Blend to your Jungo account will not only benefit you, but also your clients. Plus, Blend gives you the ability to leverage automated email and text notifications for borrowers with incomplete applications. 

This provides open communication to help grow your customer relationships. So, give your borrowers the complete mortgage experience that they deserve!  

Plus, all of your borrower application data automatically syncs to Jungo. So, you can view and track all your customer data in one place. From lead and application, through post-closing, you’ll never wonder where a client’s data is stored. 

Bottom line

No matter what your processes are, integrating different tools is key to efficient and effective business. After all, becoming a successful loan officer rests in finding the best processes for you and your team. So, with all your software integrated, you can spend more time helping your borrowers. 

Adding Blend to your Jungo account is a move in the right direction for your mortgage business. So, close more loans, communicate effortlessly, and strengthen your brand with the help of Blend’s accessible technology. 

Request a free, no pressure demo with Jungo today to learn more about these two sales tools in action. 

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