Digital Mortgage Solutions and Tools to Get Ahead

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Digital Mortgage Solutions and Tools to Get Ahead

digital mortgage solutions
digital mortgage solutions

Learn to embrace digital mortgage solutions and tools and spring ahead of your competition. There are many tips and tricks to remain relevant in the mortgage world. 

As more lenders switch to digital, brokers need to make sure they can separate themselves from the competition. So, view digital mortgage solutions as a loan officer’s most valuable tools. Plus, these modern tools enhance your ability to remain relevant in today’s market. 

After all, the COVID-19 health crisis completely changed how the mortgage industry connects. Digital tools and technologies are a competitive necessity. 

Why Focus on Digital Mortgage Solutions in Your Business?

Digital mortgage solutions can vary from mortgage calculators to customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Also, third-party software integrations and online applications are at your finger-tips. 

Investing in technology and taking innovative action can improve business and loan officer-borrower relationships. Leveraging technology to satisfy borrowers and adapting to changing expectations is a positive strategy for your mortgage business.

Improve Overall Experience

Technology allows loan officers to do their jobs with greater efficiency. By streamlining processes, more time and energy can be spent nurturing borrower relationships.

According to Walker, a customer-experience consulting company, client experience based on price and product are key ways to set your brand apart in 2021. Automations also aid businesses in delivering consistent and quality loan experiences to clients.  

After all, borrowers want a quick and painless path to getting a mortgage. Also, they’ll appreciate having the tools that power a simplified process. When dealing with consumer finances and important documents, mistakes must be avoided. So, digital mortgage solutions can help suppress human error. 

Find a CRM

If you’re ready to invest in technology, consider using a CRM to revamp your loan process checklist and streamline your business. This creates a better overall experience for mortgage origination teams and borrowers. 

With the rise of digital mortgage solutions and tools, you are probably realizing how inefficient and frustrating it is when your tools don’t talk to each other. To solve for the existing gaps in these tools, a complete platform is needed to streamline your day. 

Allow Jungo to Work For You

Technology can set your mortgage business apart from the competition. So, enhance your loan officer name and brand! Your investment in a digital platform such as Jungo is not only for finding success this year, but for years down the road.

Jungo’s is an all-in-one CRM and marketing solution. It provides mortgage and real estate industry professionals with the number one, high-quality mortgage ecosystem. 

Having a powerful tool at your disposal, like a CRM, is key. They provide you with a database system, and built-in follow-up strategy for lead to close connection. So, become a top loan originator and learn more about Jungo today. 

Build Trust

Within the mortgage industry, accessing digital mortgage tools and technologies are no longer a competitive advantage. But rather, a competitive necessity. 

Since the adoption of technology throughout the industry, there has been a greater level of transparency for all parties involved. After all, transparency is the key to gaining client trust

According to a report from PwC, 85% of consumers wish they could trust more businesses with their data and personal information. With mortgage technology, brokers are making data security a top priority, which can earn the trust of their borrowers. By implementing a system, such as a CRM and third-party software integrations, brokers can ensure that the handling and storage of client data is secure.

Access API Integrations 

As a highly software based industry, the mortgage world is all too familiar with software integrations. 

There are many types of integrations. One popular type is application programming interface (API) integrations. An API integration between platforms means that the two softwares share data back and forth seamlessly after they are connected. And, many times a user only has to login to one of the platforms to access both of their functionalities.

If programmed properly, workflows can pull from both software’s knowledge bases to create a very powerful end result.

Syncing an LOS and CRM 

Let’s take a look at two common mortgage software applications: a Loan Origination Software (LOS) and a customer relationship management system (CRM). If your LOS and CRM are fully integrated, when a loan is updated in your LOS, your CRM automatically reflects that change. 

From there, the possibilities are endless! With your CRM and LOS synced, your tools become more powerful and efficient. For example, one possible use case is that when your LOS syncs to your CRM, an automated workflow is triggered in your CRM. This sends out a loan process email update to the relevant parties. Another workflow is also triggered which sets a reminder task for you to follow-up with the borrower in a week to confirm that they received the documents they needed.

Jungo’s Integrations

Jungo has many integration options. It focuses on customers using the businesses that have already designed awesome software systems for you. 

Here are just a few of the integrations that Jungo users love:

Jungo PhoneBurner Integration

Thanks to PhoneBurner’s direct integration with Jungo, you can power dial leads and partners up to 4x faster. You can also use their voicemail drop feature, which allows you to immediately leave a pre-recorded message if no one answers your call. And since you can integrate your Jungo account and your auto dialer, your database will automatically reflect your calls and notes.

Do you want to read more about auto dialers? Check out our full article on the subject, here!
Jungo CRM + BombBomb

When it comes to email marketing, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. With BombBomb, you have a simple and fun video tool that your contacts will love to receive! From right within a contact’s profile in Jungo, you can send an email and include powerful videos that will help you engage with your leads and customers. Of course, all emails that go out are tracked and monitored in Jungo, giving you even more visibility to what communication is most effective.

With Mortgage Coach, Jungo users have the ability to create batch or individual Mortgage Coach presentations. Plus, rent vs. own cost comparisons and total cost analysis, all directly from within Jungo. The combination of Jungo’s CRM abilities and Mortgage Coach’s pricing presentations allows you to send beautifully detailed mortgage pricing options to borrowers, straight from their contact profile in Jungo.

Jungo + Optimal Blue

The Jungo and Optimal Blue integration means that you’ll have one less login to manage. You can run Optimal Blue’s pricing engine from right in Jungo and immediately email quotes to borrowers. All Optimal Blue reports and communication details are automatically stored in the contact’s record so you can easily track a customer’s history. You can even set Rate Alerts within Jungo based on the live data sync with your pricing engine.

A LOS and CRM are two powerful tools at a loan officer’s disposal. Seamlessly integrating the two makes the platforms even stronger. As a leader in the LOS world, Ellie Mae’s Encompass is even more powerful when integrated with Jungo. For example, as the borrower works their way through the loan process, automated loan email updates are sent. Utilizing Jungo’s marketing campaigns is also easier when you are synced with Encompass. As loan milestones are hit, borrowers are placed in automated drip email marketing campaigns. These campaigns increase customer loyalty and referral rates. 

Offering a simple interface that requires a smaller learning curve than some platforms, Calyx also says that their goal is to make the loan origination process smoother. As a result, they say they will give you the ability to close more loans. Also, they offer marketing tools that help LOs create flyers, pre-approval letters, and more.

Next, Byte offers three variations of its LOS platform: Online, Standard and Enterprise. Consequently, you’re more likely to only pay for as much software as your team needs. So, Byte’s customers love the customization that they offer, as well as their complete compliance tracking system. 

Seeking “Better Lending” extends beyond just POS platform Blend’s name. Hence, Blend focuses on creating streamlined digital applications for your borrowers and decreasing the days needed to process a loan. They also help to automate processing steps that could lead to delays or mistakes. According to Blend’s website, customers who start an application in Blend have an 89% submit rate–that’s an industry best. 

Document management is one of the most time consuming tasks that you deal with as a loan officer. But with native software integration between Jungo and Floify, that frustration can become a distant memory. You’ll be able to automatically send Floify documentation needs lists to borrowers with Jungo’s automation. You can also access your Floify document management system from right inside Jungo.

Develop Relationships

Technology enables loan officers to reach further and have better access to borrowers than ever before. After all, lenders need a borrower-first approach to adopting new technologies. 

If individual lenders are able to offer something unique to improve their clients’ overall experience, that’s what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Tools such as API and third-party software platforms that are integrated with CRM systems, not only allow lenders to keep in touch with their clients through continuous engagement and personalized messages, but also gives them the tools to better manage their leads, pipeline, and automated marketing efforts. This personalized communication lets borrowers know they aren’t just a number in the pipeline. It also creates a stronger connection.

With digital mortgage solutions, lenders can maximize their productivity and focus on what matters most: growing their businesses by developing relationships and referrals.

Bottom Line

Remember, investing in digital mortgage solutions, such as a CRM and software integrations, is not simply a competitive advantage. It’s a competitive necessity. Also, these tools allow loan officers to do their jobs more efficiently. Technology will empower you to earn more while working less. 

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