Digital Marketing For Mortgage Brokers 101


Digital Marketing For Mortgage Brokers 101

digital marketing for mortgage brokers

Loan officers are facing another unique market this summer. Purchase and ReFi volumes are high, so it is important to have a strategy for digital marketing for mortgage brokers that works for you, and can be automated.

In this digital era, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are getting creative with technology. So, more and more loan officers are relying on digital marketing, especially right now.

Keep reading to learn why digital marketing is important and how you can use it for your own mortgage business.

digital marketing for mortgage brokers

Why is digital marketing important?

For loan officers, there is little time to market. Especially with the number of deals in your pipeline right now. Automated marketing systems can save you a lot of time and help you to close more deals. When the economy changes, digital marketing for mortgage brokers continues to run in the background. So, this allows you to focus on your borrowers and their loans.

Digital marketing for mortgage brokers is important because you need to focus on bringing in purchase business and developing relationships with realtors. So, it helps keep clients informed and engaged, ultimately generating more referrals for you.

People are browsing the web looking for your services. If they can’t find you because you don’t have an online presence, you risk losing those leads. Digital marketing for mortgage brokers is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence.

How do you get started in digital marketing?

Digital marketing for mortgage brokers is not something you will master overnight. Start slow. Also, the ability to target your audience effectively is one of the biggest reasons to implement digital marketing. 

Ask yourself: Who is your main audience? Once you determine this, you can practice and see what works. You’ll reach more leads that are interested in your specific services.

You can then monitor your campaigns and optimize them for better results. Tracking a campaign’s ROI and other indicators allows you to see if it is driving valuable results for your business. 

When you track your marketing’s performance, it’s easier to improve it and adapt to changes. This saves you money. So, you’ll get more out of your campaign and spend your budget wisely.

Focus on what parts of digital marketing can help your mortgage business best. And don’t feel like you need to do everything at once! Start with one or two ideas, and go from there.

Digital marketing for mortgage brokers

What could your digital marketing toolbox look like? 

Social Media 

Since marketing is about putting your message out to your audience, social media is a no brainer. Also, there’s a lot more to social media marketing than simply posting to Facebook and Twitter. Learn the trending topics and conversations taking place within your industry. Posting and adding your voice in is the next step.

Using social media will give you three main things. This includes borrower insights, understanding of the trends and conversations influencing prospects, and a powerful communication channel. 

Whether you decide to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or some other social channel, put your time into making it the best it can be for your business. Research ways to use each platform to its fullest. 

The Property Listing

Make your realtor partner’s listings easily discoverable to clients by using The Property Listing by Jungo. This is a mobile friendly website that includes customizable branding to draw in more business. Also, the single listing website answers buyer questions and gives partners more time for high value tasks. 


Another digital co-marketing material for your realtor partners is PrintPub. Our web-based real estate flyer generator helps you create professional looking flyers in just a few minutes! Also, easily create single or co-branded house flyers, rate sheets, EDDM postcards and more. 


You need a website to build a business online. But, just having a website does not give you the competitive edge to grow your business online. Business websites need an effective marketing strategy to bring customers in. To easily build a beautiful website, try out a user friendly platform, such as Wix or Squarespace. These companies provide professional templates that you can easily customize to your needs. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies. It increases brand awareness, reminds people of your business, and keeps clients coming back. So, to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, you have to build a strong campaign that ensures your subscribers get the right information at the right time. Know your audience, and help to answer the questions that they already have.

Video Marketing

Up your email game! Send BombBomb video emails directly from Jungo. BombBomb allows you to get face-to-face with more people. You can send powerful video emails directly to clients. These convert more leads, generate referrals, and build trust. Record a video in your Jungo account and send it out with just one click. 

Bottom Line

Digital marketing for mortgage brokers includes many options for you to grow your business. At the end of the day, you want to use your time wisely, convert more leads, and close more loans. These tools will give you more time in your day as you reach out to clients. Keep researching and learning as you go. It’s time for your business to adopt an online marketing strategy!

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