Upgrade Your CRM Interface: Lightning 101

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Upgrade Your CRM Interface: Lightning 101

CRM Interface

Ready to make the most of your Jungo account and CRM interface? Consider upgrading to the modern and easy-to-use Lightning interface from the original Classic mode. 

Lightning is an upgrade to the Classic version of Salesforce’s user interface. Lightning includes an interactive home tab with visuals and reports to help you get a quick glance at your pipeline. Plus, you’ll enjoy many awesome custom features when you’re upgraded. 

CRM Interface

What is the difference between Classic and Lightning? 

One main difference is that the Lightning layout is symbol based. Symbols take the place of some words, which makes desktop movement easier. If you’re currently using the Salesforce Mobile App, you’ll notice Lightning looks very similar.

Another feature of Lightning is the handy “favorites” option. You can “bookmark” records within Jungo. This gives you a single place to store links to your most important records. 

In Lightning, reports and dashboards also have a new modernized look and feel. Overall, dashboards are much easier to read than in Classic.

What are some Lightning exclusive features?

Any new Jungo features and Salesforce upgrades and updates develop on the Lightning platform. So in the long run, it is in your best interest to upgrade now. Then, you have the option to use the newest features we have to offer. 

Listing Alerts

One Lightning only feature is Listing Alerts, which allows you to be in the know at all times. When a borrower or contact in your database lists their property on the MLS, you’ll instantly get a notification via email. From there, you reach out to the contact and determine how you can help them move forward. Since they just listed their current home, there’s a good chance they need a new mortgage soon. 


Another great Lightning feature is Jungo’s PrintPub. This online real estate flyer generator allows you to create beautiful open house and marketing flyers in minutes! There are many design options available in our professionally designed collections, including co-branded open house flyers and EDDM postcards.

Also, using PrintPub gives an extra layer of value to your realtor partner relationships. You can download the flyers as a PDF and send it out in a social media blast, through an email, or print as needed. So, this may help you create new connections with other real estate agents in your area after they see the quality of the flyers!  

The Property Listing 

Jungo also comes pre-built with The Property Listing, our website generator tool. The Property Listing allows you to create a single listing property website for you and your realtor partners in just a few minutes.

Marketing to Realtors

Additionally, the Property Listing includes the property’s open house schedule, local schools, and directions to all of the potential buyer’s favorite places. Digital marketing is an important part of the future of the homebuying process. So, being equipped with easy-to-use tools will set you apart from your competition. 

Jungo SMS 

One final feature in the Lightning interface is the JungoSMS add-on. All you need is a Twilio mobile number and then your outgoing and incoming SMS Messages are displayed right in your Jungo account for quick reference. 

Jungo SMS

You can also create SMS Templates if there are text messages you will be sending out frequently, like an introduction or a next steps text. So, this is another easy way to stay connected with your clients! If you’re interested in learning more about adding JungoSMS to your Jungo account, check out our webinar-on-demand

How do I upgrade to Lightning?

If you’re already a Jungo client, upgrading to Lightning is super easy. It’s a one-time, $99 fee to upgrade and gain these awesome features. It’s time for you to modernize your Jungo account and upgrade. 

Bottom Line

If you have concerns about switching your CRM interface, just remember this is not going to change how you do everything in Jungo. By upgrading to Lightning, you will be able to continue to do what you’re doing now, plus even more. We also have full tutorials, videos, and step by step instructions available for you. Upgrade and expand your pipeline today!

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