Skip The Post Office: Closing Gifts and Cards Made Easy


Skip The Post Office: Closing Gifts and Cards Made Easy

closing gifts from loan officers

After you close a borrower’s loan, your next step should be to congratulate them on their new home. Calling them or sending an email are both great ideas, but you probably want to take it one step further. 

closing gifts from loan officers

So, you find a closing gift for them, write a heartfelt note, address the package, and wait in line at the post office. Now, multiply those steps for every single loan you close–no, thank you! 

Sending post-closing gifts and cards isn’t just a nice touch. It will take your customer experience from average to memorable. However, you probably don’t have time to handle this on your own. 

Here’s everything you need to know about elevating your post-closing strategy: 

  1. Why You Need Post-Closing Marketing 
  2. What is Concierge?
  3. How to Order Concierge 
  4. Sending Thank You Gifts to Referral Partners 
  5. Co-Branding with Partners 
  6. Automating Your Closing Steps

Why You Need Post-Closing Marketing

We talked about why you need post-closing marketing over here, but if you need a quick summary, here it is. A great marketing strategy doesn’t stop when your loan closes. You’ll earn more repeat clients, not to mention referrals, if you keep delighting your borrowers even once their mortgage is closed. 

And closing gifts are a critical portion of this strategy. You may not realize it, but spending a bit extra time and money on your past customers is a valuable investment in your future pipeline. 

What is Concierge?

We created Jungo to help you manage your loan process from lead to close, and beyond. Post-closing marketing is a critical portion of your business, but we know how time consuming it can be. 

That’s why Jungo’s Concierge program will be your new best friend. You can order closing gifts and cards, right from your CRM. The best part is that you can set-up your closed clients to receive a series of gifts and cards for up to three years. That way, you’ll be able to celebrate important milestones, birthdays, and holidays with them, with zero effort on your part. 

The best part is that all Concierge closing gifts and cards are branded with your logo, headshot, and contact info, and are customized to your client. 

How to Order Concierge

Ordering Concierge packages is as easy as a click. 

First, decide which client you’d like to delight with closing gifts and cards. Then, pick which package you want to send them. All you have to do is confirm that all the shipping and billing info is correct, and you’re good to go. It really is that simple. 

Sending Thank You Gifts to Referral Partners

Sending gifts and cards after closing isn’t just for your borrowers! With Concierge, you can also thank the person who made the deal possible: your referral partner. By showing them that you value their partnership, you’ll earn their loyalty and future referrals. 

Co-Branding with Realtor Partners

If you want to make your closing strategy a team effort, why not co-brand your closing gifts and cards with your realtor partner? They will appreciate you taking a task off their to-do list, and you can both benefit from the shared expense.

Just remember to properly track your co-marketing expenses to ensure that you remain compliant. 

Automating Your Closing Steps

If you want to make your post-closing marketing even more streamlined, you can set up automations to handle the repetitive tasks. For instance, when you change a borrower’s status to closed client, you could choose to automatically sign them up for a Concierge package. Plus, they can be placed on a drip email marketing campaign so that you stay on their mind. Lastly, your CRM can create tasks for you, so that you remember to check-in with your client on important milestones after you close. 

Automating your loan process steps is a great way to free you up. After all, if you aren’t bogged down with repetitive tasks, you’ll have more time to win over new clients. 

Bottom Line

The Concierge program takes the headaches out of sending closing gifts and cards. That way, you can spend less time waiting in line at the post office, and more time closing loans and building relationships with clients and partners.