Best Apps for Real Estate Agents


Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Jungo CRM Best Apps for Real Estate Agents
Jungo CRM Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents face special challenges in their job. As a realtor, chances are, you’re out of the office more than you’re in it. You need to be ready to handle many different customer and professional partner interactions every hour. And, you are constantly fielding phone calls, emails, and texts, at all times of the day.

Thanks to today’s technology, however, there are many apps out there to help streamline your day. Here are just a few of the best apps for real estate agents! These apps will make your day more efficient and productive. They’ll also free you up to focus on the daily tasks that actually matter: like meeting with clients, and closing deals.

Spacio takes the pen and paper out of showings. No more trying to decipher terrible handwriting, or manually entering data. With digital sign-in sheets, you’ll be able to digitally track who attended your open houses. Additionally, these apps sync with certain CRMs, which will help you automate your follow-up procedures with leads.

How will real estate agents use Spacio? By going digital with your open house sign-in sheets, you’ll streamline your lead nurturing system. Plus, attendees of your showings will be impressed with the high tech and green sign-in capabilities.

Pricing: Spacio starts at $25 a month for individual agents, but you can try it for free for 30-days. If you work as a team, Spacio is $100 a month for up to 5 agents, and this version includes custom sign-in form branding.

By going digital with your open house sign-in sheets, you’ll streamline your lead nurturing system. Plus, attendees of your showings will be impressed with the high tech and green sign-in capabilities.
Jungo CRM + BombBomb

BombBomb keeps you face-to-face with your leads, clients, and partners, even if you’ve never met them before! Standing out in a crowded email inbox is a challenge, but video messages increase email click through rates exponentially. With BombBomb, you can easily record and send video messages to your database. A seamless Jungo + BombBomb integration takes your marketing to the next level.

How will real estate agents use BombBomb? Video emails are an excellent way to improve your lead and customer marketing emails. For example, if you want to send an introductory email to a new lead, why not introduce yourself in a video? This “face-to-face” meeting will stick in your lead’s mind better than any typed email.

Pricing: BombBomb is billed annually, and starts at $468 for an individual license. Team pricing for BombBomb is the same individual cost per year, and includes larger sending capabilities and advanced features.

Cold calling is no ones favorite part of the job, but Revaluate is hoping to improve the experience. Their machine learning algorithms analyze millions of data points to help you see when someone in your database might be thinking of moving. All of this occurs before they choose an agent or lender, which means that you’ll be the first one to call.

How will real estate agents use Revaluate? By relying on big data and AI, you can increase your likelihood of a successful cold call. After all, if Revaluate tells you that someone just recently got engaged, there’s a decent change that they’re thinking about moving!

Pricing: Revaluate doesn’t list their pricing on their website, but you can request a demo for free.

The Zillow Home Value Connector is an app in the Salesforce AppExchange that allows you to pull Zillow Zestimates directly into your CRM. Additionally, you’ll be able to see previous sales history and comparables information for various properties. You can also customize the app to be added to custom objects in Salesforce.

How will real estate agents use Zillow Home Value Connector? Part of the benefit of using a CRM is having all your data in one place. Being able to see home value information, directly in your CRM will save you time, and help you better understand property trends.

Pricing: This Salesforce integration is free, but you will need a live Salesforce or Jungo subscription. 

Part of the benefit of using a CRM is having all your data in one place. Being able to see home value information, directly in your CRM will save you time, and help you better understand property trends.
Jungo + Docusign

DocuSign provides a completely digital signature platform that streamlines your document gathering process. With eSignatures, cloud-based data security, and document generation tools, your document and signature process will be smoother and greener than ever. 

How will real estate agents use Docusign? Gone are the days of needing a traditional “wet” signature on all documents. By providing eSignature options, you’ll show that you’re embracing technology trends. Plus, you’ll have faster document turnaround time since your clients can sign paperwork anywhere, at any time.

Pricing: The DocuSign Real Estate Starter account is $10 a month, and the DocuSign for Realtors account is $20 per user and includes extra features.

ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals, and a great resource no matter how long you’ve been in the industry. The website features blog posts, Q & As, and product reviews. Although this isn’t technically an app, this online resource is extremely helpful for connecting with your realtor peers.

How will real estate agents use ActiveRain? You can ask industry questions, read helpful blog posts, and research realtor products in this community. Not only will this help you learn more about your job, it also connects you with friendly peers!

Pricing: Whether you’re a realtor or a consumer, ActiveRain is free and always accessible. 

A native Salesforce integration, Booker25 helps manage any type of appointment or reservation. The easy-to-use calendar view lets you view all your appointments in one place, and you can manage your bookings quickly. Plus, since you can book an unlimited number of appointments, Booker25 will scale with your team.

How will real estate agents use Booker25? A huge part of your job is managing appointments, but scheduling showings and meetings shouldn’t eat up all your time. By taking your scheduling process digital, you can automate many of the repetitive tasks involved, all while creating a delightful user experience.

Pricing: If you don’t have a Salesforce or Jungo account, Booker25 starts at $88 per month. If you are an existing Salesforce user, the subscription is $32 a month, per user.

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to manually set-up workflows based on trigger actions. This tool is great, as it allows you to connect thousands of apps that wouldn’t normally “talk” to each other. 

How will real estate agents use Zapier? By linking your software platforms with Zapier, you can automate tasks that take up valuable time. If you find yourself performing the same basic data entry actions over and over again, Zapier probably can help. 

Pricing: Zapier is free to use for the basic features, but if you want to create more than 5 zaps, or you need multi-step zaps, you’ll want to upgrade to the Starter account which is $20 per month, billed annually. They also offer Professional and Professional Plus accounts, which are $50 and $125 per month, billed annually.

As a real estate agent, you probably spend a lot of time in the car, driving to showings or client meetings. You know how important it is to have accurate estimated arrival times and up-to-date traffic information, especially if your customers are waiting for you. Waze features live maps and navigation software, and since it is a community driven app, you can count on the app telling you about any accidents or hazards ahead.

How will real estate agents use Waze? Having better route planning and traffic data will save you time. Additionally, always arriving promptly to client and partner meetings will make a great first impression!

Pricing: Waze is free to download and use.

Magicplan lets you create accurate floor plans, from your phone or iPad. Scan a room in 30 seconds, draw plans with your fingertip, or import existing floor plans. This feature can be invaluable for buyers or sellers that are interested in seeing a home’s layout. Especially if they’re considering remodeling!

How will real estate agents use Magicplan? If you’re showing a property to a buyer who is interested in remodeling a home, it can be helpful to provide house plans. Plus, you’ll be able to help a client visualize a home’s layout, even after a showing is over. This can help them remember what they loved about the home.

Pricing: Magicplan offers a variety of flexible pricing options. Pay $2.99 per plan for a la carte usage, or subscribe to create as many plans as you’d like. For the standard features, Magicplan costs $9.99 a month for unlimited plan creation.

Evernote Logo

Much like many of the other apps on this list, EverNote is not specifically for real estate agents. However, realtors will appreciate the ability to store all their documents, notes, and photos in one centralized location. Plus, since EverNote is completely cloud-based, you’ll be able to pull up a document, no matter where you are.

How will real estate agents use Evernote? You’re probably out of the office more than you’re in it. So, storing all of your documents and notes in one central location will save you time and headaches. Next time a client asks about the details of a property, you’ll be able to access it, whether from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Pricing: EverNote offers a Basic option that is free. Premium is $7.99 a month, and the Business plan is $14.99 a month per user.

If you’re looking for an user-friendly and fun way to create social media graphics, flyers, or open house invitations, Canva may be a good fit. They offer some pre-built templates, as well as the ability to customize designs to fill your needs. The system also features some really helpful tools, like stock photos, vector images, and built in color themes.

How will real estate agents use Canva? In today’s social media driven age, creating beautiful and eye-catching content can really set you apart from the crowd. You’ll love that Canva will make it look like you hired a graphic designer.

Pricing: There is a completely free version of Canva, but if you want the extra features of Canva Pro, the monthly price is $12.95 a month.

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Buffer is a social media management platform that allows users to plan and schedule their online content. You can post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from your Buffer account. You can save valuable time and energy switching between platforms. Buffer also offers helpful social media tips and tricks, like determining the best time of day to post content.

How will real estate agents use Buffer? Plan your social media content ahead of time, and get inspired by Buffer’s industry specific content suggestions. Taking your social media marketing presence is easy with Buffer!

Pricing: Buffer features three different subscription options depending on the size of your team and your needs. The Pro level is $15 a month and is made for one user. Premium is $65 a month, and the Business subscription is $99 a month.

Bottom Line

Using any or all of these best apps for real estate agents will make your day more organized and more productive. Plus, if you’re not spending your time on low level tasks, you’ll have more time for the most important parts of your job.

Jungo CRM Best Apps for Real Estate Agents