Adding The Closing Email of the Week to Jungo

Ready to send your Closing Email of the Week from Jungo?

Here’s how.

  1. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and then Setup.

  2. Search for Classic Email Templates.

  3. Choose New Template.

  4. Select Custom (without using Classic Letterhead).

  5. Name your new template and choose a subject line.

  6. Paste the HTML code of your Closing Email of the Week into HTML body box.

  7. Click Copy Text from HTML Version.

  8. Save your new email template.

Need help?

If you receive an error when you upload the HTML code into Jungo, indicating that there is too much text in your email template, try these steps.

1.Confirm that you are using Classic Email Templates.

2.Check your code. When you download and open the HTML code from The Closing Email of the Week, your code should open in WordPad, or TextEdit. If the code opens in Microsoft Word, open in a simple text editing program instead.

Want to Send Your Closing Email of the Week as a Mass Email?