Access Mortgage Data in Jungo with Reports and Dashboards


Access Mortgage Data in Jungo with Reports and Dashboards

mortgage data

Ready to make the most of your mortgage LOS (Loan Origination Software) and CRM interface with mortgage data? Successful loan officers rely on their CRM to help them save time and close more leads. This allows them to focus on their clients. 

With CRMs, it is often necessary to strategize, and customize it to your specific business processes. What works for one loan officer might not work for another. So, spend the time to choose your CRM carefully, and design a modern experience. 

Keep reading to learn how to use mortgage data in your business and make the most of your CRM!

mortgage data

Why Do you Need a Mortgage CRM?

A mortgage CRM transforms you from a regular loan officer into a super loan officer by helping you in a few ways. To start, a great mortgage CRM automates most of your time-consuming marketing tasks. This includes follow-ups with partners, realtors, closed clients, clients in the pipeline, leads, and prospects. 

For example, most of your time as a loan officer is probably spent growing your pipeline or closing loans. If you want to grow your pipeline, a mortgage CRM lets you do so more efficiently. Also, it helps you close loans as fast as possible. At the end of the day, this means more money in your pocket and more free time in your schedule. 

Why Does Mortgage Data Matter?

Mortgage data use is expected to further transform the mortgage industry over time because of the insights it reveals about borrowers and more. Data matters in your mortgage business. It allows you to gain marketing insight, build team processes, and track what you have completed. 

For mortgage lenders, data can include customer records (loan files, bank statements, brokerage accounts), and third-party information (credit scores, tax returns, credit card statements, or even cell-phone payment histories). By using the insights from mortgage data, lenders can learn a lot more about their business and borrowers.

Increase Efficiency

In the face of a refinance boom, lenders need to control costs and preserve profit margins. For example, with a customer’s consent, a lender can more efficiently gain a broader picture of borrower financials.  

Data allows loan officers to digitally process applications, speed up underwriting, and better onboard customers. The speed and efficiency of approving and closing a loan directly affect production and underwriting costs. 

With more comprehensive, better-organized, and easily searchable mortgage data, loan processors can be more successful. 

Data in Action

Every lender knows that selling to existing customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. But, success depends on improving the borrower experience. The success of any mortgage lender hinges on the scope and quality of its data. A CRM will allow you to verify and process such data. An example are the Reports and Dashboards functions in Salesforce.

So, take full advantage of advanced analytics and data functions. A lender should treat both internal and third-party data as equally valuable and leverage them across all its functions.

What is a Report?

A report is a list of records that meet the criteria you define. In Salesforce, it is displayed in rows and columns. These can be filtered, grouped, or displayed in a graphical chart. 

Each report is stored in a folder. Ultimately, you can make a folder available to your entire organization, or make it private so that only the owner has access. 

What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard is a visual display of key metrics and trends for recording within your mortgage business. For every dashboard, there is a report. Like reports, dashboards are stored in folders, which control who has access. 

Why Use Reports and Dashboards?

Reports and Dashboards allow you to gain a complete overview of your business. Ultimately, plan for growth, and reach your goals. 

Jungo’s Reports and Dashboards within Salesforce allow you to easily customize your reports, track your referral partners, and more. You can create automated workflows, and never let a lead slip through the cracks. Streamline your business processes! 

The best part is that Jungo comes pre-built with the reports and dashboards that matter most to you. So, you immediately have powerful insight into your business.

How to Use Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards allow you to customize Reports and Dashboards that work for you and your mortgage business. Also, you organize your business with real time data. This function allows you to gain access to annual equity reminders, automated emails, and a loan milestone notification system with pipeline status. 

Also, detailed reports are used to track your specific pipeline and productivity. For example, if you’re wondering how many calls you did in a day, this information is available to you. So, get a full view of every aspect of your business with Reports and Dashboards. Leverage your data for success. 

Marketing Dashboard

Reports and Dashboards do a lot more than just store contact information. Users have complete insight into their leads, contacts, partners, and loans through comprehensive reporting.

marketing dashboard

The marketing library contains hundreds of pre-built email templates, automated loan process updates, and business texting. So, these equip loan officers to connect with their database at just the right time. 

The marketing dashboard tracks new leads and prospects. Also, never forget when to follow-up or send a thank you, task reminders have you covered!

Sales Dashboard

Want to track all of your sales and see potential growth within your business? The sales dashboard allows loan officers to access their current loans, total volume, and closed loans within the year. 

sales dashboard

So, this allows you to compare your sales each year and pinpoint strong areas and pain areas. Gain new prospects and leads and close more loans in your pipeline.

Dashboards For Everyday Tasks 

Some top producers also create Reports and Dashboards to see all open sales to ensure they stay on top of their tasks every day. Loan officers can view overdue tasks, delegated, or those that have been completed within the last seven days. 

As tasks are completed for the day, the dashboard will update to show how many tasks are left for the day. Also, what has already been completed. Close more tasks and grow your pipeline with this function.

Dashboards For Business Texting

Jungo SMS also comes equipped with Jungo SMS Reports and Dashboards. So, you can review metrics like incoming and outgoing texts or percentage of delivered messages. These metrics also help you have a better understanding of who is opening your messages and what content resonates the most with your contacts. 

Jungo SMS App - Business Texting for Salesforce

You can even add your own Reports to the SMS Dashboard. The reports are easy to read, navigate, and edit within Jungo. 

To use these Reports and Dashboards, you can access your JungoSMS interface or even the normal Jungo interface. It’s that easy.

Bottom Line

A mortgage CRM will allow you to access the mortgage data you need in order to make informed decisions. Some of the top producers create Reports and Dashboards to see all open tasks for their assistants. 

So, this ensures they stay on top of their tasks every day. Let your mortgage data and reporting serve as a tool to streamline your team processes and lead you toward success.