What Is the ROI of a CRM Solution for Mortgage Professionals?


Return on investment (ROI) is a key consideration for many businesses. Yet few companies allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure they are maximizing the ROI of their sales and marketing efforts.


For example, a recent Unisys study of 449 business and IT decision-makers highlighted the importance of using mobile strategies and technologies to support workers, reach customers and drive ROI.


Study results included:


  • Only 58 percent of respondents said they can measure ROI for mobile strategies and programs.
  • 33 percent noted they use a formal, technology-enabled process to measure ROI.
  • 16 percent indicated they are not measuring ROI at all.


Now, if only there was a simple, reliable solution to track the ROI of sales and marketing efforts…


Thanks to Salesforce, businesses can monitor sales and marketing ROI like never before.


Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It provides business users with a quick, easy process to analyze the ROI of sales and marketing campaigns via Campaign ROI Analysis Reports.


A Campaign ROI Analysis Report enables a business user to calculate a sales or marketing campaign’s performance based on its ROI and average cost. That way, a business user can analyze the ROI for any sales or marketing campaign, at any time.


Salesforce also helps business users track the ROI of email marketing campaigns – something that may prove to be exceedingly important for mortgage professionals.


To illustrate the benefits of measuring ROI for email campaigns, let’s consider some of the key findings from the 2015 DMA National Client Email Report:


  • For every $1 spent on email campaigns, marketers enjoy an average ROI of $38.
  • On average, nine out of 10 companies view email marketing as a channel of “importance to great strategic importance” to accomplish their immediate and long-term business goals.
  • An integrated email marketing strategy driven by automation and other state-of-the-art marketing tools empowers marketers to deliver the right message to the right audience.


Ultimately, Salesforce can be a difference-maker for business users who want to transform an ordinary email marketing blitz into an outstanding campaign.


Salesforce makes it easy for business users to build email campaigns and use customer and prospect data to deliver personalized messages that drive engagement. Plus, the CRM solution helps business users automate their email marketing campaigns at scale and provide timely, relevant emails to customers and prospects.


How Can Mortgage Professionals Get the Most Out of Marketing and Sales Campaigns?


Mortgage professionals must track the ROI of sales and marketing campaigns. Failure to do so may force these professionals to miss out on opportunities to help a brand extend its reach. Perhaps even worse, mortgage professionals who lack insights into sales and marketing spend risk wasting time and resources and creating new opportunities for business rivals.


Today, the Jungo Mortgage App for Salesforce empowers mortgage professionals with an intuitive and user-friendly CRM solution. It enables mortgage professionals to automate marketing and sales efforts, and as such, make the most of the time and resources at their disposal.


The Jungo Mortgage App for Salesforce boasts dozens of custom mortgage email templates, ensuring mortgage professionals can create personalized, automated marketing campaigns faster than ever before. As a result, mortgage professionals can spend less time crafting emails and more time driving sales conversions.


In addition, the Jungo Mortgage App for Salesforce streamlines the process of tracking and evaluating the ROI of assorted sales and marketing campaigns. No longer will mortgage professionals have to worry about collecting sales and marketing data and performing complex calculations to analyze ROI. Instead, the Jungo Mortgage App for Salesforce provides intelligent analytics to help mortgage professionals evaluate their sales and marketing campaigns quickly and effortlessly.


When it comes to ROI, mortgage professionals should never be left in the dark. With the Jungo Mortgage App for Salesforce, mortgage professionals can gain the insights they need to make informed business decisions and optimize their sales and marketing ROI.


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