Outbound Marketing

Ditch the cold calls and shorten the sales cycle with effective outbound marketing. Nurture past clients, prospects and current customers with timely, relevant messaging.

  • The Marketing Platform includes Jungo's extensive library of professionally designed email campaigns. Or, create and launch your own responsive email campaigns in minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no HTML skills needed.
  • Boost interest and engagement with messages that resonate. Personalization, list segmentation, lead scoring, and dynamic content can make it happen.
  • Increase conversion by integrating forms and landing pages with your email campaigns.
  • Perform A/B tests to identify the best-performing versions before rolling out the full campaign.
  • Automated campaigns and triggers put your messaging on autopilot based on your specific instructions.
  • 360-Degree Analytics help you track and measure performance in real time, from opens and clickthroughs to conversions and closed sales.
  • Promote webinars and online events to generate leads and engage clients and referral partners.

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Inbound Marketing

Generate qualified leads with The Marketing Platform's inbound marketing tools. Potential clients come directly to you (as opposed to you chasing after them) and drop directly into your sales funnel.

  • Create forms and landing pages to generate leads and keep the top of your sales funnel full and drive conversions. It's even eCommerce-enabled so you can securely collect payment for events, products or services.
  • Implement SEO Audit to evaluate and increase Google love for your web site, blog and landing pages.
  • Website Prospector turns your web site into a lead generation machine, Fuel your sales team with alerts and relevant insights to follow up effectively and increase closing ratios.
  • Social Publish maximizes exposure on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a single click.
  • Twitter Prospector leads you to that ultra-relevant tweeter who needs your help now, and discover key influencers you want to engage.
  • Competitor Insights let you benchmark your web traffic, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn traffic, tweets, and YouTube views against your competition. Set up tracking for new competitors in minutes and see results instantly – with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard view.

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FREE eBook!

The NEW Marketing Metrics for B2B

Measurements that really matter to the success of your business.

New marketing tools and rapidly changing buyer behavior force us to rethink the metrics we use to evaluate our efforts. This Jungo eBook provides a 5-step action plan to analyze your business and create a new marketing metrics checklist.

Data & Salesforce® Integration

Jungo provides comprehensive data and Salesforce integration to support marketing and sales alignment. Shorten your sales cycle and make intelligent decisions to increase ROI.

  • Sync data directly to Salesforce to connect your systems and update contact profiles for consolidated, 360-degree analytics.
  • Measure what matters with conversion funnels and campaign reports.
  • Progressive Profiling collects information from prospects in a non-invasive manner, building information profiles over time.
  • Activity History empowers your sales team with a wealth of information that to tailor conversations and marketing campaigns to the prospect’s unique needs and interests.
  • Revenue Impact Reports accurately measure multiple dimensions of marketing effectiveness across the entire revenue cycle, so you can manage the lead lifecycle and stay on track with strategic goals.

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Industry Expertise

With more than 15 years experience serving the Mortgage and Real Estate industries, Jungo has a proven track record of providing the highest quality products and services to ensure your success.

Your subscription includes expert training from Jungo's Support Team to help you facilitate your digital marketing strategy.

  • Jungo handles your setup, personalization. and assists with data import.
  • Weekly webinar training focuses on the various aspects of The Marketing Platform. We get you up to speed quickly on sending mass emails, creating forms and landing pages, list segmentation, etc.
  • Training videos and an extensive online knowledge base are readily available, You can also submit a support ticket online or call us directly with any questions you may have.
  • Private Group Training Webinars for Enterprise accounts promote accelerated implementation company-wide, increased adoption and faster return on your investment.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about The Marketing Platform. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please email your question to digital@ijungo.com. If you have 15 minutes for a quick demo, call 619.727.4600 ext. 1 or request a demo online.

The Marketing Platform is available for any number of users. If your company has more than 50 users, we can do private group training to expedite adoption.

Yes. The Marketing App's forms and landing pages allow you to place your high-value content behind lead capture forms so that you can turn social followers into sales leads. Easily collect contact information in exchange for whitepapers, guides, webinars and other thought leadership material.

Using targeted terms, you can search Twitter to quickly find people who are tweeting about topics relevant to your industry, product, or offer. It also helps you discover key influencers you want to engage.

The Marketing Platform's real-time reporting lets you see which Twitter users followed the links in your tweets back to your website, how many pages they viewed, and what caught their attention. Website visitor tracking can also flag visitors driven from Twitter. From there, integration with data.com and LinkedIn resources help to identify your website visitors.

Lead scoring uses a points system to assign values based on pre-determined criteria, such as the person’s industry and job title, website visits, content downloads, event attendance, form completions, etc. Points accrue over a set amount of time. The sum of these points is the lead score.

From there, lead scoring prioritizes your prospects so that you can focus your efforts on the hottest leads and close more sales. It also helps you uncover opportunities that might otherwise stay hidden. Lead scoring automates the process of monitoring a prospect’s online body language and flags key digital buying signals so you know who – and when – to call.