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Integrated Sales, Service & Marketing for Loan Officers


Automated Marketing

Access hundreds of custom mortgage email templates and create personalized, automated marketing campaigns that increase conversions. Spend less time marketing – and more time selling. Track your referrals, target your efforts and measure and expand your business through the sales process.

Integration with Multiple Apps and Platforms

Stay connected to clients and enhance presentations with The Mortgage App's one-step integration with email platforms, social media, Google apps and Mortgage Coach EDGE.

Reffinity – Referral Partner Tracking

Connect with your referral partners, send reports and evaluate referral relationships.

Loan Checklist Automation

Stay on track and move efficiently through the loan process with Jungo’s loan checklist workflow automation.
The Mortgage App for Salesforce has made the biggest impact on my entire career. To be a master of sales, you need the right tools. If you want to make an additional $100,000 a year by being more productive, buy Jungo today.

Jeremy Forcier, Partner
People's Home Equity

Document Accessibility and Consolidation

Upload, consolidate and easily access all client documents, from financial history to loan agreements.

Multi-Platform Lead Capture

Ask about The Leads App for Salesforce. This add-on helps you pump up your pipeline, capturing qualified leads from multiple platforms – including Zillow, Trulia, and LendingTree – to boost your sales.

Organize your Day

Schedule meetings, create workflows, assign tasks, automate your business process and manage your time all in one place.

Access Everywhere

Utilize The Mortgage App for Salesforce from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, seven days a week with secure, cloud-based access.

Comprehensive Email Delivery

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed, customizable email templates and send emails to individuals or contact distribution lists in seconds to maintain a constant presence with clients.

Intelligent Analytics

Target your strongest leads for follow-up, gauge your marketing efforts and prioritize your efforts with The Mortgage App's 360-degree marketing analytics.

Establish Connections with Effortless, Proactive 1:1 Service

Whether you have 100 contacts or 10,000, Jungo’s scalable contact management system allows you to seamlessly communicate with individuals and group contacts.

Complete LOS Integration

Ask about The LOS Sync App for Salesforce. This add-on automatically syncs data between the most popular LOS systems, such as Encompass360 and PCLender. Create a new transaction record from The Mortgage App with a single click. The LOS Sync App continues to update contact records, providing more accurate reporting and efficiently streamlines your entire operation.

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