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Enterprise Level Sales Cloud® Customization and Implementation for Lenders

The Lender App is Jungo's scalable, market-ready Enterprise Solution to enhance productivity and increase profits in less time. From the C-Suite to Branch facilities — across production, marketing and operations —Jungo provides enhanced functionality and flexibility with accelerated implementation to shorten the Lender's sales cycle and expedite return on investment.

NOTE: The Lender App requires Sales Cloud Enterprise or Unlimited Edition.


Enhanced Performance Company-Wide

The Lender App is engineered to transform standard Salesforce objects (Leads, Contacts and Opportunities) into Lender-rich objects containing lead info, borrower data, loan transaction data, mortgage-specific workflows and customized fields with pre-built, pick list themes.

Administration and Custom Reports

The Lender App drives productivity to execute company initiatives, reach goals and plan for growth. Measure your metrics with dashboards and detailed reports for LOs, Branch Managers and upper management. Track expenses and maintain an all-inclusive view of your business.

Organize Contacts and Documents

Keep information about all clients and partners — along with transaction histories and vital documents — in one central, secure repository.

Advanced Marketing Capability

Put your entire company's follow-up on auto-pilot with personalized email campaigns for each Loan Officer that include consistent company branding. Plus, your entire operation's marketing can be managed by your marketing staff on behalf of corporate, branches and individual loan officers.

More Power for LOS Integration

The Lender App offers more power for 1-way or 2-way integration with your LOS, and supports Jungo's LOS Sync App for integration with the most popular LOS systems such as Encompass360®, Calyx Point®, Byte Software, etc. to streamline and expedite your sales process.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Access tasks, calendar, contacts, account activity and reports from any mobile device or tablet and respond to hot leads & customer requests immediately. Your LOs can collaborate with others in your company with Chatter's instant messaging & get instant file status through your interactive news feed.

Highly Compatible with Industry Favorites

The Lender App has built-in compatibility with Mortgage Coach EDGE, Jungo's Leads App and other apps available within the Salesforce ecosystem, making it easy to build a system that's just right for your company.

Referral Partner Tracking

Connect with your referral partners, send reports and evaluate referral relationships with Jungo’s "Reffinity."

Sync Your Team with Outlook® & Gmail™

Organization members can sync data from Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices to sync contacts, sync calendars and transfer and archive emails.

Jungo's Industry Expertise and Support

Jungo delivers scheduled implementation training to launch your Enterprise solution, personalized support, plus ongoing weekly training and a library of video help.

Robust Calendar

Track your company's meetings and events with maximum efficiency.

Standardize Operations with Custom Workflows

Manage your business and your organization with ease using custom workflows.

Implementation Process

Phase 1

Discovery and Planning

The Jungo implementation team meets with your leadership and staff to learn the intricacies of your business to determine the most effective Sales Cloud implementation solution. Jungo then works with your Sales Cloud account executive to define needs, anticipate issues and establish timelines.

Phase 2

Accelerated Implementation

Jungo immediately implements a customized platform featuring pre-built, industry-specific fields, terminology and functionality, eliminating the need to start from scratch. The implementation team then moves quickly to upload all your data, create individual user profiles and develop client-specific functionality.

Phase 3

Launch and Adoption

Once the solution is fully implemented, an on-boarding process begins that allows users to immediately utilize The Lender App's Sales Cloud functionality. The implementation team provides both classroom and webinar user training for an ongoing period to ensure full adoption.

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