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Integrated Sales, Service & Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Now you can fuel your sales team with the sought-after leads they've been craving.

The Leads App captures qualified leads from Zillow®, Trulia® and LendingTree® — based on zip code or zone — and seamlessly drops them into your Jungo account for review and distribution.

NOTE: This add-on is only available to subscribers of The Mortgage App or The Real Estate App.


Eliminate Double Entry of Data

Incoming leads drop directly into The Leads App tab within your Jungo interface — No need for data import or data entry.

Automatically Distribute Leads

Easily create rules to distribute leads to team members based on your criteria and preferences, or set up unique accounts for specific users.

Drive Your Team to Action

Send automated task alerts or email notifications to team members to ensure rapid response and increased revenue.

Initiate Lead Nurture Immediately

Send automated emails or initiate drip campaigns to establish contact and start nurturing new leads. When you're ready to convert the lead to a contact record, it's a simple click.

Dashboards and Reports

All the Salesforce dashboards and reports you're accustomed to using are fully functional with The Leads App.

Compatible with DialSource

The Leads App supports automated telephony platforms such as DialSource to automatically insert fresh leads into existing call lists.

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