Streamline your loan process with automated alerts.

Keep Your Clients Informed Throughout the Loan Process

A smooth closing leads to happier customers and more referrals. Jungo automatically sends dynamic in-process email updates as your client reaches important loan milestones such as “Submitted to Underwriting” and “Approved.” Sign up for a free demo webinar to see it in action.

Client Recieving Info Messages


Personalized Loan Milestone Emails & Alerts Include:

  • Appraisal Has Been Ordered
  • Disclosures Have Been Sent
  • Your Docs Have Been Ordered
  • Pre-Approval Update
  • We Received Your Appraisal
  • Your Loan Package Has Been Submitted to Lender
  • We Received Your Disclosures
  • Your Loan Has Been Submitted to Underwriting
  • Your Loan is Approved
  • Your Loan Has Closed
  • Your own custom milestones