Every business relies on email to connect with customers. Our Microsoft® Outlook® and Gmail™ integrations give you a complete view of your borrowers and partners. Instantly sync emails and keep your team up to date. Sign up for a free demo webinar to see how it works!

Instant Access to Contacts, Emails & Calendars

  • Use the email applications you already know, and work faster right inside your inbox.

  • Archive inbound/outbound emails

  • Get instant access to your Jungo data in Outlook.

  • Sync contacts, calendars, tasks and more – while keeping work and personal items separate.

  • Record emails, create new contacts/leads, and sync content from Outlook or Gmail.

  • Add rich content to every meeting invite and contact inside Outlook or Gmail with no effort required.

  • View lead, borrower and loan data from Jungo within Outlook and Gmail.

  • Create emails on the fly with Jungo’s wide selection of email templates. Track the full email trail in your deal timeline.