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Accelerated, Industry-Focused Salesforce Implementation

Jungo offers accelerated, enterprise-level Salesforce implementation services for the mortgage, insurance and wealth management industries that shorten the sales cycle and expedite return on investment.

The Jungo Difference

Industry-Specific, Fast to Market

Jungo’s custom Salesforce implementation services allow enterprise-level organizations with aggressive time to market requirements to accelerate the sales cycle and realize return on investment in less time than traditional implementations. Leveraging extensive industry knowledge, Jungo combines pre-built functionality with a nimble development process to deliver accelerated Salesforce implementation for a company-wide Customer Success Platform.

Extensive Experience, Industry Intelligence

Over the last decade, Jungo has performed thousands of Salesforce platform implementations and logged more than 160,000 hours of support for the financial services industries. Leveraging industry knowledge, Jungo creates vertical-specific, plug and play implementation blueprints that significantly speed up the implementation process, saving time – and money.

Effortless Adoption

Jungo focuses on change management through each step of the implementation process to eliminate adoption roadblocks and ensure return on investment. Jungo creates individual marketing templates, loads all relevant data into the system, connects users through email platforms and performs an on-boarding process for all users, followed by ongoing training webinars.

How We Do It

Our Process