Marc Johnson

I have to tell you, I love Jungo. I was a top producer in early 2000’s and been in management until last year so I have had a tough time getting back into origination mode but Jungo is giving me purpose and direction!!! I expect that 2012 will be a great year for me because of Jungo!!!

Brian Cardenas

The capabilities this software offers my mortgage business is nothing short of amazing and to have a support team at Jungo that is there to truly work with you and assist you with implementation is invaluable. They don’t stop helping once you sign up. They continue to help and even with integrating some of the 3rd party apps. The Jungo team is AWESOME!

Richard Moffitt

One of the best parts about Jungo’s Mortgage App is the strong, personal customer service. Both Mike and Juliana own Jungo and are always available for direct assistance. The team at Jungo make the optimum CRM coaching team – they will never steer you wrong and always work to ensure that each customer is making the most of their CRM. I have truly enjoyed working with them every step of the way. Another great service aspect of Jungo is that Jungo is partnered with, allowing for big-company options and reliability for the software platform without losing small company values. I find Jungo’s Mortgage App extremely useful, especially with its web-based format and synchronization to Outlook & smart phones. I love the customized workflow and overlays, as well as getting your own built-in coach for organizing your work, customers, automating campaigns to keep in touch, etc. With Jungo’s coaching, I continue to learn more about this program everyday! It seems as if the list of great features grows larger after every coaching session! My experience with Jungo and Jungo’s Mortgage App has been nothing short of flawless.

Mike R.

Absolutely LOVE our CRM. We seriously don’t know how we functioned before without it. Jungo’s Mortgage App keeps us on top of transactions and in touch with our clients/leads. The business we have generated from using this has already paid for the program itself! We HIGHLY recommend it.

Kim Cybulski

You’re product is amazing, it sends things out faster than I can even think about it and it’s bringing in tons of people. I love that you guys check-in that’s is such a great feature.

Unknown 4

Mark Succarotte

Jungo’s Mortgage App is by far the best CRM that I have found. It allows me to do virtually anything I need to manage my database. It has kept me focused on my day to day tasks by reminding me to either call or send a customer an estimate. With a busy schedule it is difficult to remember everything I need to do. Jungo has solved this problem. With the campaign templates I have stayed in front of my past, current and prospective buyers. This has awarded me additional business by appearing to be the most professional loan officer in the business. I could not manage my business without Jungo.

John Mogannam

Jungo’s Mortgage App is exactly what I have been looking for since I started my career. With the help of Mike and the Jungo team, I have finally been able to get organized – I barely even recognize my new, organized self! I never miss an opportunity or appointment and I get so much more done in one day then I used to get done in an entire week. Since the very start of the learning process to full, everyday use, I have absolutely loved Jungo’s Mortgage App. The CRM offers so much that I’m still finding new and innovative capabilities to further streamline my workflow. I highly recommend Jungo’s CRM products to anyone in the Mortgage and Real Estate business.

Dawson Real Estate Group

Just wanted to call to say your set email templates look very professional. Love them!

Unknown 1

Raji Saini

Thank you for making me money 🙂

Unknown 5

Greg King

Jungo’s Mortgage App is an extremely well thought out product that is instrumental in my everyday workflow. I know that as my business grows it will be the foundation of my success. From the pre-written marketing campaigns, to the loan tracking capability, to the report function…it’s amazing! I literally live in it. As for your customer support staff; they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Every time I’ve contacted them, they’ve had an answer or solution for me and they provided it with a smile. Please let them know that their exemplary customer service is appreciated. Kudos to you for providing such a stellar CRM and developing a phenomenal company culture. You are really doing it right!

Manuel C.

Jungo’s Mortgage App is a great database tool for any loan professional. It’s great at keeping track of all client & business partners information. The ease of merging contact information for clients into already saved letters is such a time saver and helps my office be more efficient in this fast paced industry.

Clay R.

I highly recommend Jungo’s Mortgage App! It is simply the best system I have used in the entirety of my mortgage career. The team at Jungo is made up of knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and downright nice people. This system paired with great backend support makes for unbelievable progress in organization and business growth. I would recommend Jungo’s Mortgage App any day.

Josh Willis

I stayed last night until my inbox was at zero! Thank you for your time. After working one-on-one with you, my task list is huge, but more organized then ever. I know I can whittle away at it over the next few weeks! The customer support you have provided has simply been outstanding. Thank you again.

Ken Gualtieri

We’ve been with Jungo since before they were Jungo…and they keep getting better. Support is outstanding and the salesforce platform gives you access to all the apps and add-on’s we need to run our business.

Unknown 1

Julie Jeffery

I’m totally Jungo obsessed.

My team is starting to use it too!

Love this text option!

Unknown 6

Dean Naughton

I sleep better at night cause of your system, Jungo is by far the best.

Marcel Deitrich

I have been using Jungo for a few months now. I can tell you that as a multi faceted CRM, it’s incredible. But what really sets Jungo apart is the after sale service. WOW. I have never had any company provide this level or customer service. What an incredible team you have at Jungo!

Guaranteed Rate 300x80

Rick Anixter

The folks at Jungo are the BEST! As you may or may not know, my computer skills working with excel and outlook and other items are not good…so the customer support to me was the most important!! How many times have you purchased something and had a thirty day or ninety day customer support package and the minute it ended you were still lost, and you ended up not using the product to the maximum benefit? How many times have you taken a class (like Excel) and for the first week you understood and then when you did not use the system for two weeks you completely forgot and there was no one there to help you? That will NOT happen with Jungo…they are always there when you call, and, in fact, they call you to just check in to see how you are doing!! Name five other companies that do that. Ok…you can’t do that…?? Name two other companies that do that! I doubt that you can!!

Richard Smith

Game changer!! You don’t want to be without this if you are a loan officer!!
Jungo has changed my mortgage business like nothing else. It provides the platform to give the very best communication to our borrowers and realtors in a way that is automated and on point. Realtors want loan officers to close on time and to give great communication, that is it. And Jungo helps with this like nothing else.

Unknown 3

Brian Heckman

Jungo is by FAR the best CRM for tracking and keeping in touch with your mortgage clients. All the power of Salesforce, custom tailored to meet the needs of a Loan Originator. We have had Jungo for 4 or 5 years and have never looked back. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

Unknown 4

Andy Tuttle

Jungo is more than just a CRM. It not only gives you all the basics of a CRM but it gives you a platform, a solid foundation to build your business. Even better, it grows as you grow. If you need to change your system, add an impact call, change your work flow, hire a new person, etc, Jungo allows you to do that with a few clicks of a button. We have been able to automate 90% of our process while increasing the communication and personal touch to our clients and partners. Jungo allows you to be Hi-Touch. We got on Jungo in January and because of the incredible leverage your product offers we have been able to move one of our team members to a new, lead generating role and hire an in-house LO so my business partner and I can market to Realtors and Affinity Partners all day long. We look forward to seeing the results of being on this program after 1 full year. …and the customer service team is absolutely unparalleled. As we all know, you can have the best product and system in the world, but if you can’t figure out how to use it or implement it then it’s just an expensive paper weight. They won’t let that happen. You won’t get a more knowledgeable, caring and enjoyable group of ladies to work with you to help you master the system and integrate it into your business. Thanks Jungo.

Dustin Block

I just wanted to drop you all a quick email to say how happy we have been with Jungo. It obvious you offer a great product and service, however its your support that has blown me away. The level of support that you offer to you clients is second to none. We had tried a couple of other companies prior to coming to Jungo and I must say I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Often times great service isn’t recognized and I wanted to make sure to give credit where it is due. Have a great weekend and thank you again for everyone’s level of service at Jungo.

Don Goettling

After months of researching numerous CRM programs, it became quite apparent that the Jungo’s Mortgage App was the most complete and turn-key program for our industry. Not only is the cloud computing application amazing, Jungo has provided outstanding ongoing service. This has helped us implement this extraordinary system which enables us to communicate with our partners and clients more professionally.

Steve W

I don’t know what it is about these cards. Now, I get calls from my clients thanking me for the “Thank You” I sent them.

Terry Baker

I really enjoy your emails. The information you send is head and shoulders above most other. Thanks!

Steve Oldham

Jungo’s Mortgage App is a out of the box ready to go CRM system designed for busy professionals. It has enough flexibility for me to deal with my client data the way I choose too. With the robust capabilities already built in to the software it has allowed to have all of my email, data, notes, contact, loan information all in one spot for my clients. The web based platform allows me access to all my data wherever I am at. It also allows my assistant to make changes as well. Jungo’s Mortgage App has helped me to be more organized than I ever have been. I no longer have multiple databases on other plat forms. I am more efficient and it is easier to drill down for new business opportunities in one single application.

Alex Ramirez

Jungo’s Mortgage App has helped me finally track all the key information that I need to go about planning and tracking my business. I love the reports and ability to see where my business is coming from. It really gives you a 360 degree view of your business. From opportunities to keeping in touch with clients, I’m extremely enthusiastic of where this will take my business. The LO Concierge is the cherry on top, I have so many testimonials, thank you emails and referrals coming to me from that piece alone. I wish I would have started doing that years ago! All in all you guys have a great platform, the customer service is great and I have nothing but praises about your product and services. Thanks Jungo! You’re the best!

Jeffrey Lagoni

Just what the Dr. ordered!!
I knew there had to be a way to work smarter and not harder and still be able to deliver amazing customer service and Jungo has the cure.

Hajir N.

Simply the best manager/boss/assistant that I ever had. It makes me look good!

Adrian Tavolacci

This CRM *IS* my entire business. I’m not sure how my team and I would function without this amazing tool. There’s a learning curve, but definitely worth the time investment.

Unknown 5

Brian Heckman

We have had Jungo for 4 years now and could not provide the level of service that we do without the help of a robust CRM like Jungo. Salesforce is already amazing in itself, but if you are a mortgage lender, Jungo takes it to the next level. Not only is their product fantastic, their customer service is always far beyond amazing. Bottom line = Get Jungo and you will never use another CRM

Unknown 4

Clayton Robison

With over 20 years experience as a Loan Officer, I can attest that there has never been a all-in-one solution for managing my business relationships and follow up campaigns like the Jungo’s Mortgage App. I have been using this powerful tool for over 3 years and I still am finding new features and functionality that dramatically impact my loan business. I automate tasks that used to take hours to do manually. Thank you Jungo!

Michael Mekler

Dear Mike, I wanted to take a quick moment to send you and your staff a thank you note. Numbers wise Jungo’s Mortgage App has turned me from a $1 Million a month originator into currently $2.5 Million. This is only after a 3 months transition. I expect this number to go up. I look forward every day to opening my CRM to view the tasks that are awaiting for me for that day. It’s very exiting to know that at the click of a box emails are send automatically to not only my borrowers, but my referral partners and the rest of the parties involved. In that regard it is a great tool for organization, communication and productivity. I look forward to using it every day. All the best!!!!

Caleb LeGrand

I have to take a moment to say thank you for all that you all do at Jungo. The CRM space is obviously a crowded one with players coming into the space daily and you all constantly rise to the top. What sets you apart in my mind is the unparalleled service we receive from your support team whenever we have a question or need help implementing a strategy. We’ve never waited more than 24 hours to get a response or get something implemented. Your team is truly a cut above the rest by a wide margin and has enabled us to achieve a high level of success in mortgage origination by implementing a lot of the strategies that are critical to today’s origination business and doing so in a way that marries “high tech” with “high touch”. The thing that first drew me to Jungo was the scalability of the platform – I knew this was a system that we could grow with and wouldn’t reach a limitation on its ability to grow with our business. What has kept us is the unmatched customer support and service you offer. Jungo has become an indispensable tool for us and we consider you all a Tier 1 vendor – one that we would never part with. Thank you so much for all that you do and for providing such a great platform with truly world class service!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

Gary Miljour

In the short time that I have used Jungo’s Mortgage App, it has done more for my business than any other contact management program has done in the past. Prior to working with the Mike Gulitz and the Jungo team, I worked at a huge box lender using an in-house database program. Though the system offered many similar features, understanding and implementing the program was incredibly difficult. With Jungo’s Mortgage App, I have found a quality, user-friendly system. The program is fast and functionally fantastic. Jungo’s Mortgage App is internet-based, allowing personal access to my information from anywhere. I even have it linked directly to my smart phone! It syncs flawlessly with both Google and Outlook, an incredible perk in keeping my calendars straight. eDARTS, the Jungo system for e-mail processing, has not only eliminated the clutter in my inbox, but has improved efficiency in identifying leads. Thanks to Jungo, I have all of my marketing campaigns on a single platform. I can leverage pre-built marketing campaigns or even create my own “custom” campaign ˆ I have already created seven custom marketing campaigns! The Jungo customer support team is always available, assisting me in the organization of my workflows. Now created, I am using 5 different drip campaigns for clients from credit-challenged borrowers to post helpful closing home tips. I have also created a workflow that includes all of the steps to stay in touch with my clients throughout the entire loan process. Also, the ability to add or delete users is a definite perk for any managers of mortgage companies. For instance, if a new LO joins the team, I can have them plugged into the system within minutes, or even have my support staff hook them up with ease. With this system, multiple users can share contacts, allowing you to assign other users tasks. Prior to Jungo, I felt like I was constantly calling Realtors, clients and title companies for updates and reminders. With Jungo’s Mortgage App, I thank automated e-mails for checking those tasks off of my daily list of to-dos. This feature alone has cut down my calls dramatically, saving me time to focus on expanding my business. If you are searching for a way to maximize efficiency in your system and marketing efforts, then I highly recommend Jungo’s Mortgage App.

Nancy L.

I’m all set up . . . . . Love the “Mortgage Coach” feature and have already gotten a loan from it!

Jeremy Forcier

I closed 24 loans in 30 days with Jungo’s Mortgage App. Jungo’s automated systems allowed me to increase my level of production by closing five loans without hiring another employee. My favorite feature is the opportunity reports. I can quickly identify a list of past clients that can improve their current rate and take action immediately.

Andy C.

I love Jungo’s Mortgage App so much, I am using the tasks a lot which is helping to free up my time. My clients love it and its making my job easier.

Zachary Karp

Mortgage CRM game changer
This CRM is amazing. The sky’s the limit. And the support staff are great!

Unknown 7

Teresa O’Dette Team

I have found that Jungo has been a great platform for centralized information for my whole team. We have been able to organize, communicate, & track all of our clients effectively.


John King

The team at Jungo is best in class. Any question or concern we have, they are there to assist. Ever since my team implemented this system, we have received raving reviews from clients and Realtors about our follow up & communication (if they only knew it was automated by Jungo). I would highly recommend Jungo if you are looking for the best CRM for the mortgage industry!!!

Eric S.

Jungo’s Mortgage App is a must have for someone in the mortgage business. The capability of having all your contacts and deals on your mobile devices along with syncing contacts is a big feature. Everything is already built and customer service is excellent. I mentioned Jungo’s Mortgage App to my management after a few weeks of using it and they are looking at bringing it on for our company which shows the strength in the CRM and the value it brings!

Bill Marr

I have been a customer of Jungo for nearly 2 years and I am beyond impressed with the overall product. I am also very pleased with the customer support that I continue to receive from the staff. Every single person I have called and spoken with has been beyond helpful and takes whatever amount of time needed to resolve my issue. Their follow through is amazing and I would highly recommend the product and team at Jungo!

Evan DeRolf

Jungo is an incredible application, and they’re support staff is second to none. I try my best to stump them, but its clearly impossible, they know the product inside and out, and they support their clients like no one, I’ve ever seen. They truly have an incredible team working there. If you’re in the mortgage industry, and you are thinking of a new CRM you can’t possibly go wrong with Jungo.

Unknown 1

Zachery A.

I’ve been utilizing Jungo’s Mortgage App for just about 2 months and I cannot tell you how effective, efficient and a competent your staff are. It has been a real pleasure working with all the folks at support. Issues are resolved within the hour, call backs and meetings start promptly and the customer service couldn’t be better. I am in the business of customer service, and I truly believe using a product that extends that and builds on that is perfect. The product and platform so far has made mass emailing seamless, as well as signing up folks for targeted marketing campaigns easier (for the non tech)! than ever.

Henry & Rebecca Brooks

The team at Jungo has been extremely responsive to all of our questions and they assisted us a great deal with uploading our previous contacts through outlook directly into the Jungo software application, Jungo’s Mortgage App. Furthermore, the different email campaign options have received a great deal of response from our past, present & future clients! My wife & I will formally open our office in 4-6 weeks. We have hired an office administrator/processor who will be tasked with working directly with the Jungo team to utilize everything possible within Jungo’s Mortgage App. I would highly recommend the Jungo system within any mortgage organization “small or large”.

Martin Metzdorf

Cutting edge CRM from people who understand what a Loan Officer need!
Jungo has revolutionized my business by increasing my efficiency and keeping in touch with my current and past client base better than other CRMs I’ve uses.

Unknown 1

Chris Devin

I was fired up when I found Jungo’s Mortgage App, because I had been looking for a contact management system for a long time that catered to the mortgage industry. Jungo allows me to keep track of all my clients’ and referral partners’ contact information, along with daily activity and follow up all in one place. The cloud computing application enables me to retain all the important documents from a file (appraisal, HUD, etc.) that I might need for future reference without holding onto them. Jungo is an important part of my daily routine and keeps me in check!

Andrew Adams

I have always been a huge proponent of database management. Jungo’s Mortgage App has enabled me to I do what I should be doing…originating and closing loans. The CRM part was done and ready for me to start using!

Mitch Comi

I am really busy and my business keeps growing. The Jungo’s Mortgage App makes it so easy to manage my business! Thank you!

Jeremy Forcier

To be a master of sales, you need the right tools. Jungo is THE tool that has made the biggest impact in my business over my entire career. If you want to make an additional 100,000.00 a year from being more productive, buy Jungo today.

I just finished coaching with Jungo on Jungo’s Mortgage App and I turned up $14,762,184 in refinance transactions over the last 4 hours, adding up to $140,000 in potential commissions over the next 45 days. Out of 33 transactions, I have already secured 11 yeses! I thank the team at Jungo for being leaders, and showing me the path to greatness through cutting edge technology and flawless processing.

Ed Powell

Has anybody told you all you are awesome today? My instructions worked like a charm and saved me many hours from continuing how I was before.

Unknown 2

Susan Pryor

I use this software on a daily basis. It is fantastic!! Customer Service is superior! Support is given in a timely manner and everyone always has a good attitude! Love this!!!!!

Unknown 2

Heather Moorman

I’m almost hesitant about writing this review because other mortgage companies are my competition, and Jungo will give you such an advantage to your company. It may be a little confusing at first when you set it up, but Jungo offers SO many training’s and their customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with. I have to repeat that… Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is the BEST! Watch the training’s and actually do what they tell you and you will see tremendous results in your company.

Terri McAlavy

I have been working with Ashley! She is amazing. Always willing to help and correct my mistakes! There have been a lot! It happens when you are learning a new system. The system is amazing! She has taken the time to walk me through their system. She will go above and beyond to make sure everything is correct. We have been using this CRM for about 10 months now. I have only discovered about 1/10th of what it can do. I will continue to learn along the way. Thank you for your help!

Gary Miljour

Based on my communication with the Email Campaigns in Jungo, I had a listing agent make an appointment to possibly do business with me. This system is awesome. I am a raving fan!!!!!!!

Austin Reed

Jungo’s Mortgage App is an absolutely amazing tool. It helps me streamline all my communications, as well as keep very detailed track of my contacts in all manners. It is extremely customizable so I can take the basics and fine-tune them to my own personal needs, which allows me to make it something I am extremely comfortable with. I use the mobile app so I can stay out and on the go in front of realtors and also keep all my client information at my finger tips. I love Jungo and it has become an integral part of my business.

Corey Kirven

I have been using Jungo’s Mortgage App for 3 months now and in that short period of time, it has proved to be an immense help to my business. It has essentially allowed me to turn my marketing on autopilot as also serving as the most efficent CRM I have seen. I strongly recommend any originator using the team at Jungo.

Tyler Haug

Here is the email I received from my client after getting the package: “Tyler, Got your package today. You made Randy’s evening we had a long day so when he found that by our front door and opened he said you were “The Man”…Thank you so much that was very kind. Yes, we tested one out it was delicious…Hope things are well for you… Patty”

Marv Stanger

CRM is an internet based, turn-key CRM designed especially for the Real Estate community. It has kept us more organized than ever, and has allowed us to better track our leads, applications and closings. Jungo’s Mortgage App’s automated marketing features have freed up time that we now dedicate to expanding our business. If any assistance is ever needed, the staff at Jungo are available to help in a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend Jungo’s Mortgage App and the Jungo Team!

Troy Jones

Best Full Service CRM!
I love Jungo! It has revolutionized my mortgage business!

Unknown 6

Alex Ramirez

Just wanted to chime in real quick and tell you how much I appreciate the Jungo’s Mortgage App, I have been rocking with it and having been a “Test Driver” of the competition, yours by far is best! Thanks again for pouring your time, energy and ideas into creating this for us! Cheers!

Kent Kopen

This expense is some of the best money I spend on my mortgage practice. Thanks to all of you for being awesome and building such a great tool.

Tra Logo Only Left Side

Don Goettling

Clay Robison

Jungo has the best Database and Client Follow-up systems I have seen in my 20 years in the Mortgage Industry. I like the fact that I can outsource this function of my business and focus on my clients. I would recommend the Jungo to any business professional.

Jim Marshall

The Team at Jungo has been fantastic getting us started with FasTrak CRM. The software is operating as advertised and any concerns or questions we’ve had have been answered quickly and concisely. I look forward to working with the Jungo team to fit our everchanging needs in the future.

Joanne Tucker

The staff has been easy to work with. Very helpful. The software automates your processes.

Eroica Financial Services

Peter Carstensen

We’ve been using Jungo for about half a year now…and we receive nothing but positive feedback. The way that the system can be customized is absolutely amazing and I can see us using this program for years and years to come.


Erika Naegelin

I absolutely love Jungo’s Mortgage App, it’s a way to touch your clients consistently when you are off trying to find new loans; a way to stay in contact with Agents without much work involved at all; it works from my iPad too. Automation is wonderful, and Jungo’s Mortgage App is it for me!

Steve Miksta

I have used Jungo’s Mortgage App for maybe 6 months now. I used to use ACT and realized that I needed more power behind my database in order to get the growth goals that I was looking for. Jungo’s Mortgage App has been even more than I would have imagined. I have been able to fully customize all of my different layouts to gather all of the data my team needs and then I can view this data in ways I want to view it. It is priceless. Moving forward, my database is being set up for exponential growth in my business. Streamlined workflows, tasks, etc. will be able to be assigned to different team members and all can be managed by the CRM. And to top it off the service has been great! Any new ideas that I want to implement, I have the support and knowledge of the Jungo’s Mortgage App staff. I look forward to working with Jungo in the future and sharing my success that I have with their amazing product.

Mark Mayfield

Everyone at Jungo has blown my expectations.The service has been amazing, I have told everyone in my company to use Jungo!

Jeff McGinnis

Thanks Jungo! This is the system I’ve been waiting for. I’m now able to focus energy on the right prospects and the right time with the right information with one database and have it work in tandem with my team members!

Michael Tacconi

Thank you for everything that you have provided the past 60 days. My days are so much more productive since utilizing your product. My income has increased and my hours worked have decreased. Amazing! Jungo rocks!

Jon Lamkin

The Support Team at Jungo have been sensational from the beginning. Their response has been second to none and they have been great resource to help grow my business. Any LO not using Jungo’s Mortgage App is missing the boat!

Caryl McPherson

Love your product.

RJ Baxter

Highly recommended, Jungo has made a big difference in my business!

Beth J.

I love it, and my realtors are impressed! One realtor said it makes me stand out from the rest!

Scott M. Sheldon

Jungo is by far the most easy to use, fun and sophisticated CRM there is. I have used ACT! For years and it doesn’t even come close. The service is way faster than ACT and has an outstanding feature to keep your inbox clean! The Team at Jungo is super-friendly and the service is outstanding! I am more than happy with your product, and I am hard to please thanks guys! Keep up the good work!.

I would like to thank Jungo for providing such a stellar product to mortgage professionals. Just this last month I pulled three loans out of my database by using Jungo’s Mortgage App as my follow up system. I am on track to close another 2 million in the month of August by using Jungo. As long as I’m in the mortgage business, I will always use this service. I don’t believe anything else even comes close.

Steve Carrigan

Jungo’s Mortgage App is the real deal. It does everything!… My favorite features: I can access from home, office, anywhere… Complete outlook integration… It syncs with my outlook calendar, which syncs with my Blackberry! it’s all synched! My calendar can be accessed by my team… Email campaigns to groups are very cool. It does a merge with their name etc so they think you sent the email to them personally. You can also see who opened the email so you know who your readers are… Lots of reminders for birthday calls, follow up calls etc… You can assign tasks to yourself and to your team… Referrals (outbound and inbound) are easily tracked… The reports for daily tracking of leads is cool!

Camellia Palinkas

Thanks so much- the training and support staff have been awesome.

Gina Baker

This is the Ferrari of CRM’s!

Jungo is one of the most powerful CRM’s available for the Mortgage industry! It’s ready to use right out of the box but has an almost unlimited ability to be customized for your specific business model. The support and training they offer is outstanding and they work tirelessly to ensure each user is able to get the most out of the program. Cassandra is amazing (I might be a little bias 😉 !) She’s always there to help guide me through the customization’s I want to make.

Unknown 1

Ozzie Jacobson

I’ve been using the Jungo’s Mortgage App for about 3 months now and I think it’s a great tool. I keep all my leads filed electronically along with hard copies, and I am able to review all my comments with each phone call to prospective clients. I also use it to constantly update my mailing list for monthly newsletters about Reverse Mortgages. I would be lost without it now. The support desk has been fantastic and extremely responsive every time I have a question or a project. Thank you Jungo!

Michael Digilio

Jungo is making my life awesome!

Unknown 3

Bren Sute

I’ve been blown away by the responsiveness and service shown by the team at Jungo relative to my recent purchase of Jungo’s Mortgage App. I really appreciate getting my contacts uploaded into my database. You have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Zachary Taylor

I love your product!

Theron Wall

For me, the most valuable features are the customizable lead and transaction management capabilities. My current lead-to-application conversion is 77% and my lead-to-funding conversion is 24%. This includes all of the credit repair and unqualified borrowers we talk to as well as the casual rate shoppers.

I use the ability to customize tasks and workflows to create both a weekly and monthly lead follow up system that keeps anyone we’ve talked to from falling through the cracks.

By creating templated transaction milestone e-mails and workflows my team pushes out transaction information at all of the important milestones to all parties in a transaction with a simple check of a box. This prevents incoming status inquiry calls and greatly improves both our team efficiency service levels.

I honestly don’t know how my team and I would function without this software!

Unknown 2

Amy Wolff

The product is Amazing! The support staff is amazing! I do not know how I lived without Jungo!

Direct Mortgage Loans

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